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Mature content
It's A Charlie Brown Massacre (Colored) :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0
Fan Art Naruto Running by mrsticky005 Fan Art Naruto Running :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0 Hinata Fan Art by mrsticky005 Hinata Fan Art :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0 Slightly Creepy Luigi by mrsticky005 Slightly Creepy Luigi :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 2 Md Krauser Fan Art 3 by mrsticky005 Md Krauser Fan Art 3 :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0 Md Krauser Fan Art 2 by mrsticky005 Md Krauser Fan Art 2 :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 1 0 MD Krauser Fan Art by mrsticky005 MD Krauser Fan Art :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0 Supernatural Fan Art: Sam and Dean by mrsticky005 Supernatural Fan Art: Sam and Dean :iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 0 0
On the Precipice of Defeat
On the precipice of defeat
( Utterly beaten down)
Take a step back
And under my feet
It's hell underneath
A crushed crown
Above these eyes
There's heaven in the skies
But it's a lie
( Complete Hypnosis)
The Devil wears a guise
But if you wanna know truth
You have to take a look inside.
Deep down at everything you despise.
Everything you wanted to hide
And wash away in the rain
Sink below. Drown your sorrows.
Swim through the pain
And reach tomorrow.
You think you have resolve
But you've never felt despair.
You think you've seen it all.
I can see it in your stare.
But my son in the dark.
Let me enlighten you this final spark.
I am The Quincy King.
I'm The Almighty.
Call me Lord of the Rings.
Fool. You can't fight me.
I can change your future.
I can destroy your past.
I see when you'll die.
and how long my fun will last.
I'm wrecking Soul Society.
I'm the one causing all the anxiety.
I see you have potential
but like you I'll cut it short.
Will you beg for mer
:iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 1 0
Golgo 13 Poem Reloaded
I'm a Sniper.
I'm a Killer.
The Iller Shooter.
Never miss a spot!
Top Biller.
I'm hired to make war.
I'm paid BIG MONEY for.
Making that shot.
Making you POP!
and Gore!
I'm Duke Togo from Japan!
Deadliest Man.
I'm the equalizer.
Ending the score
You see me then.
You'll see no more!
When the money is hand
kids will call me Peter Pan
because it's like spickety pan
I send your daddy packing
to Never Never Land.
Contracts are upheld
Constructs a master plan.
To get target in sight.
When my gun says CLICK
It's time to say good night.
Never to wake up
Cause these "bed bugs" DO bite.
But if you wanna make it a fight.
Throw your Dukes up
and I'll knock out your lights.
Left jab hook with the right.
Test your luck. I just might.
Slit your throat with a pipe.
Then I'll smoke you.
Bleed you with a knife.
Then once you're dead
clean it up with a wipe.
One shot.
Disappear into the night.
That's my morbid fasciation.
I make love
with no heart.
Weep with
no tears.
:iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 1 0
Breaking Bad Poem 2
Breaking Bad Poem 2
Clearly you don't know who I am.
Severely this cancer sinks within
deep down into my lungs and chest
my son is crippled
I've already been beaten and bested.
My family is invested in me
but these bills have whittled me down
my home is my castle
but can I really wear that crown?
When I'm gone my family will be riddled
with shortcomings and hassles.
They'll be vassals with no fief.
For them I will even be a thief.
Let me die with some dignity
and not be belittled like my father
who I remembered miserably abysmally weak.
If this is God just testing me
then he'll see a restless me
until I have gained what I seek:
that I may not be a bothersome broken antique
I'm worth so much more
if only I weren't so damn meek!
In my time of dying
I will make such a living
of silver and gold.
and riches untold.
For my family I will be a criminal.
For my family I will be bold.
:iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 2 0
The Walking Dead Poem
The Walking Dead Poem
I was dying.
Resuscitated living
life in the
Land of the Dead.
My skin shivers.
Hades' river
brings back
the unspeakable
and unsaid.
I flee for my life.
Thoughts of my son
and wife.
I see what I dread.
I'm breathing
seeing only red.
I haven't yet died.
But everyday
I'm Walking Dead.
:iconmrsticky005:mrsticky005 1 0


Gon/Kite by ipercalisse Gon/Kite :iconipercalisse:ipercalisse 25 4 Kurapika! HunterXHunter! by Art27boateng Kurapika! HunterXHunter! :iconart27boateng:Art27boateng 19 0 Gon and Pitou - Final Battle by Nick-Ian Gon and Pitou - Final Battle :iconnick-ian:Nick-Ian 309 53 Hunter X Hunter Do Not Mention Those Eyes by Nick-Ian Hunter X Hunter Do Not Mention Those Eyes :iconnick-ian:Nick-Ian 429 22 Why Dan Cope Rules - Part 2 by No-Sign-of-Sanity Why Dan Cope Rules - Part 2 :iconno-sign-of-sanity:No-Sign-of-Sanity 718 71 The Secret of Mr. McGinnis by WillRipamonti The Secret of Mr. McGinnis :iconwillripamonti:WillRipamonti 23 5 trish mista by ricardoredway
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trish mista :iconricardoredway:ricardoredway 11 15
Battle Royale Bookcover by valdorien
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Battle Royale Bookcover :iconvaldorien:valdorien 10 51
2013-11-06 16.27.34 by Aurfore 2013-11-06 16.27.34 :iconaurfore:Aurfore 2 0 Bertholdt Hoover -- realistic version (hand drawn) by Akatsuki-Rei Bertholdt Hoover -- realistic version (hand drawn) :iconakatsuki-rei:Akatsuki-Rei 55 4 Annie Leonhart -- realistic version (hand drawn) by Akatsuki-Rei Annie Leonhart -- realistic version (hand drawn) :iconakatsuki-rei:Akatsuki-Rei 194 11 Reiner Braun -- realistic version (hand drawn) by Akatsuki-Rei Reiner Braun -- realistic version (hand drawn) :iconakatsuki-rei:Akatsuki-Rei 58 3 Ymir -- realistic version (hand drawn) by Akatsuki-Rei Ymir -- realistic version (hand drawn) :iconakatsuki-rei:Akatsuki-Rei 107 3 Krista -- realistic version (hand drawn) by Akatsuki-Rei Krista -- realistic version (hand drawn) :iconakatsuki-rei:Akatsuki-Rei 16 0 Naruto Colored Pencil by miliboy307 Naruto Colored Pencil :iconmiliboy307:miliboy307 4 2


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Aurfore Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, remember me and my shitty drawings? Have you gotten any success since?
mrsticky005 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013 drew some of Accident Prone.
Looking at the drawing you did I won't's bad.

But you know what? I saw your latter drawing and of Kata and Garen (poor Garen)
and I have to say that is actually quite impressive. You have improved  A LOT.

Success? Not hardly. I was working on a website but my laptop died on me.
I still have the website but I can't work on it until
I get a new laptop. I am working on my bro's computer right now.

Mind if I make a request? Think you can take that "shitty drawing"
and redo it? It's ok if you rather not but I think it would be cool
to see the comparison of then and now.

I still don't have an artist for Accident Prone or a bunch of other comics.
Maybe we could work something out? :)
Aurfore Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I know. I was... i don't know... 14 at the time? (18 now) and it was decent for what I could do back then. Thanks for not blowing me off totally on it back then. I still have a lot of work to do until I get somewhere better but that's a pretty good idea. I've been thinking of doing an "improvement" drawing like some of my friends but i didn't know which to do it on- maybe i do now!

Even if it doesn't come out amazingly it'd be good practice. You can send along whatever scripts you want to my email if you like and I'll'll have another read and see what I can come up with.
mrsticky005 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Wow was it really that long ago?

I had actually rewrote "Accident Prone".
You can read the updated version here…
It's the same story but I rewrote a lot of the dialogue and added more to it.

I've kinda been on hiatus because my laptop died on me.
Though I'm thinking of getting one on Monday possibly.

Yeah I try not to be TOO critical when judging artwork else I'd be the pot calling the kettle black
but at the same time I try not to Paula Abdul people and compliment their art out of pity.

Good talking to you. BTW have you ever read Green Blood?
It's a seinen manga about Irish gangs in America sorta.
I dunno if that be your cup of tea...or pint of Guinness. :)
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MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013   General Artist
Hey there. I just posted a new review. Check this out.

mrsticky005 Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner May 11, 2013   General Artist
No problem.
Kiriguardian Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fav! ^^
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