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Finland-SkywalkerHobbyist Filmographer
You predicted it! Good job!
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GameTagger457Hobbyist General Artist
Yoda When gone am I, the last of the Jedi you will be....Yoda 
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program-shutdownHobbyist Traditional Artist
Called it!
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TotemosHobbyist Digital Artist
How do we not know the main file was changed? O_O Like I'm not doubting the prediction or anything but is there a way to tell if a deviation's main file has been changed or not?
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MrSteinersHobbyist Digital Artist
I have not changed the main file, even if I did, I have tweets dating back to the day it was posted that prove authenticity.
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LTprojectsStudent Writer
Not hard to try to do something to warrant attention, Although if I come back tomorrow after work and my comment's been blocked out and the groups removed atleast I know I'm right. But altering the main file isn't hard. Hey look I predicted Force awakens 7 years ago!
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LTprojectsStudent Writer
If you didn't change the main file, why is the star wars picture in "marvel" and "super hero" fan groups? I am pretty sure you altered the main file and slipped up forgetting to remove the group the original was in. Also the "Browse More like this" still show iron man and captain america
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MrSteinersHobbyist Digital Artist
Be my guest and check my twitter for it, it has the date I posted it with text of proof:…

If you observe any other post on my profile, you will find them in the same groups.  I like to promote to the widest audience possible if I can.

Not sure what you're trying to prove here.
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TotemosHobbyist Digital Artist
As I said I'm not doubting you didn't, it's pretty impressive. It's just that the fact everyone believes it makes me wonder if there is a symbol or something on deviantart that shows if the main file has been changed or not. I'm not saying you have, I wasn't implying anything even though it seemed like I did XD Just a random question about deviantart
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CreativeDyslexicProfessional General Artist
Well done :) great prediction
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PanchiisHobbyist General Artist
nice predict Clap 
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IBlodyXIHobbyist General Artist
lucky guess
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CassJCossetteHobbyist General Artist
The Force is strong with this one lol
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FanOver7Student General Artist
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JennuitteStudent Digital Artist
Nice prediction man :)
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itburnesHobbyist Interface Designer
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o vuelapelos como decimos en casa!
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Pyrogas-Artworks Digital Artist
Haha ! Congrats ! 
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AudeoBeemHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing prediction, my friend <3 :D
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PercevancheStudent Filmographer
You should sew Disney! They took YOUR title!
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sew them with threads? XD :D (Big Grin)  
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PercevancheStudent Filmographer
Damn that second language that is English and its homophones! I meant "sue"! I think I've fainted. 
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