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- I appreciate all the comments, but I don't respond to single-worded and emoji-only comments anymore, such as "cute", "<3"!
- I do not take requests.
- I am generally too busy for arttrades, but I might accept for mutuals or friends.

Last updated: 24/10/2019

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt How long have you been drawing for?
I've been drawing my whole life, but really got into it when I was 12 and started with digital art on my 14th birthday (2010). But I only started drawing regularly two-three years after that!

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt Can we be friends / can we talk?
I generally don't like chatting on here with people that I don't know. Don't take it personal, it's mainly for organization/time reasons and because I need that kind of privacy.

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt How else can I talk to you?
Whenever you meet me in streams or in public discord servers! Please do not try to add me though.

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt What softwares + tablet do you use?
Drawing: Easy Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate
Tablet: Huion GT-191, iPad Pro 9.7"
Speedpaints: OBS, WMM

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt Can you join my contest?
I don't even have time to join all the contests I am personally interested in, so most likely no.

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt Do you draw NSFW?
The only nsfw I'd consider is mild candy gore and non-sexualized nudity (for anatomy studies, or painting styles etc.) but I will never draw porn.

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt Do you have any art/commission advice?
Of course, just ask ahead! But please check out my journals on "how to"-commissions first! ^^

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt I didn't know you lived in Korea.
 I am Korean but I live in Austria right now, I also never used to live there!

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt  Why don't you draw your characters?
You may think that I forgot about my characters but unless they're up for trade/sale, I actually still use them for stories in my head or to make doodles of them, I just don't post most of them~

Cupcake by Remi-Adopt May I draw your OC?
Omg of course, I love when you guys do that :squee: But please keep the pictures SFW and don't ship my OCs with any other than official ships ♥
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