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No Apples Diet [Day 15]

"Applejack, don't you think you went a liiittle bit too far this time?"
I mean, she could have at least brought my poor Flutterbat to a place where she can't see all of the delicious apples!! ;n; SHE NEVER WANTED TO BE ON DIET!

I know that some parts of the proportions are off and the shading isn't quite accurate if the moon is the only lightsource ~
I will so totally draw more Flutterbat in future X3


I will upload drawings everyday from Dec 1 until Christmas!
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Character: "Flutterbat" [MLP:FiM - Hasbro]
Software: Easy Paint Tool SAI
Time taken: 5 hours
Tablet: Wacom Intuos pro

Thanks for the EqD feature:… [Source 1]
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Poor Fluttie...
*hugs and give her some apples*
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oddly enough, she still looks 3 times plumper than me and i eat like a lion (gimme the chips and i will eat all of it) (gimme the oreos and i will eat all of it(no wait i hate oreos))
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omg hahah 

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they're bitter! and too sweet at the same time! (i am very confused)
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So insanely cute..!
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ahh thanks!x3
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*looks to see if AJ is looking or not* *starts cutting The String/rope thing*
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*helps get some apples and feeds her* X3
TheGamingPirate103's avatar
*cuts the rope* freedom of the flutterbat!
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D'aaaww!!! How cuuute!!! Poor Flutterbat... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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yes she is ;;

and thankss!!
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Flutterbat, oh Flutterbat,

No apples for you, 'cause this diet's got to stay on track

You’ve got to stay dedicated, but please don’t cry,

Or you’re tears will drench the ground

And turn all mah apples a rotting brown

Let's face it, AJ's not fine when it comes to rhyme. x3
Stellar piece, MrsRemi! Though it does invoke some sadness, you drew a beautiful Flutterbat.

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haha the rhyme is great XD Thank you so much!

Well, of course she is sad when she gets no apples
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Indubitably welcome, MrsRemi! It was my pleasure to craft a fun little rhyme this time. ^^

The inhumane side of the Apple's intent, has come out at Flutterbat's expense! D'=
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awwww so really cute and so nice :3
MrsRemi's avatar
thanks so much!
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you're welcome :) (Smile) 
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:iconawwwplz: Awwww.... that's cute.
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thank you! ouo
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