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my first font ever!!!

it's free to use.
you may use it for commercial purposes but i'd appreciate it A LOT of you credited me somewhere + posted me a link to what you use it for :)
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thanks!!! so cute!!! i don't know for what i will use it, but i liked it so i downloaded it, it's really pretty
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thanks! I m going to use it in my BIble Verse of the day project:) (noncommercial use)
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i used it on my site [link] and told them to use it ;) :)
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really nice font man, wich program did you use to create it?
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I love it!! Thank you!!

I used your typeface to design a t-shirt for my dorm/residence hall. The residence hall council gave the t-shirts away for free a couple of weeks ago to residents.

Here's a link to the design.

Thanks for sharing!!!
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i am so glad to see it being used, thanks for the link! and i'm happy you found it useful :hug:
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This is a nice font! Thanks for sharing it
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I'M glad you like it! :D
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Awesome, instant download!
great font, thank you
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i'm glad you like it!! :]
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