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Marble Carnivean Mask

Jason Soles. 2009. Cold cast marble. Photo by Ken Wagner.
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Nov 27, 2009, 4:27:14 PM
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my favorite one!!!!
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Thank you. I am glad you like it!
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Thank you very much!
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This may be the best mask I've seen. A very elegant angular design, and a very expresive mouth that automatically warns any passerby to keep clear. I like how you didn't overload it with details or decorations as it accentuates the expression a lot.
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this is awesome :) it could even be the skull of an unidentified demon-creature (in my imagination hehe!)

Respect, MrSoles!
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Thanks very much!
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im diggin this
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Fantastic design of mask! Very simply but impressive. Do you sell this casts? :) This is my fav :)
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I sell my masks on my Etsy store here:


This particular mask has spent the last two months hanging as part of Congregation Gallery's Black Death art show and will not be available until it is returned to me.
Are you available for comission?
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I am generally available for commissions. However, I am headed out on vacation for a couple weeks as of Friday morning. I will be back Monday, Sept. 13. If you reply in the next day or so and give me some details as to what you are thinking I can give you a ballpark of costs and a potential timeline.
I have nothing but time, lol. I'm out here in Afghanistan and will be for quite some time. What materials do you use for your art? And would you be able to do something of the likes of Giger V.S. Steampunk? H. R. Giger. You probably know the name, but he is the biomechanical artist behind the designs for Alien (AVP) and he also made the microphone stand for the group Korn. Take a look at some of his other work, besides Alien, and see if you can come up with a few basic concepts between that and the Steampunk style. I think it would make a very interesting clash that I think you could pull off quite well. If possiple, you can even try to incorporate other materials like metal, leather, and clothe to imbelish the finished product. Just ideas. I love your work and would like to featuer a piece in my office. Maybe more than one.
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I may not be your guy. While I like Giger's work, I generally do not like to try and adopt other artists styles. I don't really have any steampunk art aspirations either. Thanks for the thought though... If I come up with anything in the next couple weeks I will get back to you.
Fair enough. And no, I don't want you to necessarily adopt a style. More like a guiding direction for inspiration. I thought the combination could be interesting and I see that with your skill set and personal style, you could really pull something off quite nicely. Just keep an open mind about it and if you feel you develope something in mind, then please let me know.

Giger, while vastly unique and original has a feel to his work that I rather like. And I find that your work has, in me, a very similar feel. Personally, I don't collect Giger's work because it's a little too... erotic, or even vulgar for my personal taste as far as keeping a piece for presentation. Your pieces, however, (I don't have a name for that feeling I get) have a very similar feel, but they are different in that, in my opinion, your work seems to focus in a different area. And that's what I admire. For example, that mask you created that was a collaboration between you and another DA artist, the one that only has 25 pieces made, that's the kind of style I'm after. And as far as steampunk goes, it's not necesarily the average or traditional steampunk style, but more the idea of exposed mechanics. Like a really rough draft at making something not seen before, before the attempts to refine the developement begin. Like a creator who is creating something outside his realm, if that makes sense. Not the romanticized steampunk era of top hats and monacles. More the idea of tinkering with something potentially (apparently) dark in nature and on a very rough scale of development.

I have to say, I respect that you keep true to your art style and admire that you're so upfront about it. I hope my elaborations make it easier to understand what I had in mind. Like we've both stated, let me know if something developes. I'm looking forward to it!
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Thanks for the additional clarification. It does help me better understand what you are looking for. I will certainly think about it!
Keep me in mind!
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This is truly amazing. it seems very original in shape and evokes strange, primal emotions, great job.
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Thank you kindly!
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Very nice work. Love to see the original positive. What resin are you using. Looks like a urethane.
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It is polyurethane with marble powder. The mask has a good polish on it I did by hand with steel wool.
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The last casting I did was the poor mans way with fiberglass (polyester) resin and 300 mesh brass powder. Thats the Kroenen Sr mask thats in my gallery. But I think I will spring for the good stuff when I finish building my rotocaster.
Very nice finish on your mask. Did you use 00 or 000 steel wool?
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