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End Time clock

Jason Soles. 2003. Photo by Craig Gibson.

Working clock.

Epoxy putty, foam core, wire, clock kit, and assorted seahorses, shells, barnacles, etc.

End Time is now part of a private collection.
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nicole-j-photography's avatar
The stuff you make is just too cool. I really love the craftsmanship you put into your pieces, they look beautiful. :blackrose:
MrSoles's avatar
Thank you very much!
CopperCentipede's avatar
Such a beautiful and terrifying artifact! Amazing work!
MrSoles's avatar
Thank you very much!
dihaze's avatar
woooow! awesome, want this
artbikekayakgirl's avatar
Wow! This is just beautiful! LOVE the texture! Almost looks like moss was glued on and then drybrushed over? And I love the little hole with the worm (?) coming out of it. Nice touch! Excellent work!
MrSoles's avatar
Thanks very much. No airbrush, all hand done.
daisukekuroneko's avatar
Epic work!!!
its incredible!!!
MrSoles's avatar
Thank you very much!
daisukekuroneko's avatar
you re most welcome!
Chakalaka300's avatar
what a cool Clock
aegiandyad's avatar
I really want this clock. It looks as if it might have stood on H.P.Lovecraft's mantelpiece!
LabyrinthCreations's avatar
wow...what a great idea! looks fantastic!
MrSoles's avatar
Thanks! I am glad you like it!
Pandemoniumswings's avatar
Reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth.
ProfessorBats's avatar
EyelessEntity's avatar
Wow, that one is cool, I want one!
TheUroboros's avatar
brilliant effect:)how long is it take to finish this?
did you do the clockwork mechanism by yourself to?
MrSoles's avatar
Thank you. I put something like tweny hours of work into this project. The clock mechanism is from a kit.
TheUroboros's avatar
I see. It's turn out pretty good;)
I'm curious what did you use to olden it? Is it chemically done or just painted?
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