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Skin Deep

This is Nicole, she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Lets use high-powered x-rays to look inside and see what she is really made of.

Just as I suspected, fake tits! The only boobs that could remain high and perky at that size without a bra would have to be fake - although it is difficult to tell if they are silicone or saline implants. It appears she wears dentures to, just as well, she talks so much shit that real teeth would rot. Note the amount of empty space in the cranial cavity, occupied a very small brain. As we examine the lower abdomen the first thing we notice is a very large butt implant. Note the lack of reproductive organs. We are not sure if Nicole has had a hysterectomy or sex change, but all we can tell is there is a large gaping hole which may serve as a vagina.

Maybe we should take her down a peg and remove all that plastic fake stuff in her?

So I logged into DA this morning just to see what's going on and as soon as I go into my notes I'm hit with this message that reads: "Your current avatar has been removed as it was found to violate DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars".

My initial reaction was WTF? So next I did a little searching and found DA's policy regarding avatars. According to DA: "Personal avatars may not contain any explicit nudity, racist material, hate speech or anything which would require a Mature Content Tag".

So let me get this straight.... I can upload drawings/pictures/photos which contain nudity (boobs, cocks, butts, etc), but my avatar can't?

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

So DA, you are telling me that it would be ok for me to make and upload a drawing which contains 100 big, hairy, flying penises chasing women on a nude beach, but it's not ok if my avatar barely looks like a pair of breasts? 

Ok, so I admit my original avatar might have been a little on the risqué side, but I hardly think it was either explicit or offensive. It was literally just two black curved lines with two black dots on a grey background made to look a little like breasts.

I have seen a few user avatars on DA in which the image used was an actual pair of breasts, sometimes even animated and bouncing around braless! What gives? How come mine was flagged but theirs wasn't? Look DA, if you are going to enforce a policy regarding avatars, you should make it apply to EVERYONE, not arbitrarily or just to certain people!

What's next? Is DA going to say that the words "smutty" or even "doodles" in my username violates some policy?

Anyone have suggestions for a new avatar?

How do white letters on a back background saying "FU DA" sound?


Dear Sir,

I wish to complain about your rant in which you mention 100 big, hairy, flying penises chasing women on a nude beach.

I found this part very offensive.

Some of my closest friends are women and only a few are actually nudists.

Yours Truly,

-Reginald Widebottom, esq.


Dear Sir,

I wish you would use proper terminology in your rant.

Instead of saying "boobs, cocks, butts, etc", you should have said "breasts, penises, buttocks, et cetera"

Personally, I find nothing wrong with nude beaches. Eventhough having kids has taken a toll on my figure, I do occasionally enjoy sunbathing nude.

There is nothing gross or disgusting about the human body, except maybe the intestines.

Sincerely yours,

-Mrs. Mildred Tightblouse, PhD.

Expanding Ass-ets
I was going to do a Valentine's Day themed doodle, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about my Boss's secretary's huge tits.

Things are looking up for Expando Inc. ;)

My style is improving no?

(Disclaimer - MrSmuttDoodles is not affiliated with Expando Inc. Expando Inc. is a subsidiary of Badonkadonk Industries.  Expando Inc. brand expansion pills are intended for female use only. Wait a half-hour before and after swimming before taking Expando Pills. Do not take if you are pregnant, planning on being pregnant, or not planning on becoming pregnant. Not to be taken in months containing the letter "R". Failure to follow instructions may lead to gigantomastia, macromastia, ghetto booty, heartburn, nausea, dry mouth and an urge to join the French Foreign Legion. This disclaimer was written by an over-worked, under-paid, middle-aged man and should not be taken seriously)
Mike and Vicky
One morning Mike awoke to the sounds of birds singing outside. He yawned and stretched, rolling out of bed and onto his feet. The floor groaned and creaked loudly under his weight. After putting on a new pair of underwear, Mike stopped and looked at himself in the mirror. "Man! ... I should really go on a diet!" he sighed, looking down as his gigantic round tummy. Just then Vicky entered, overhearing this she said, "oh hush now, you are perfect the way you are". Placing her head on Mike's mighty paunch she stretched out her arms as much as she could to hug him. Mike couldn't help but look down and smile at her softly, gently placing his hand on her back.


After seeing densen813's work, I decided to try drawing a big chubby guy for fun :)
I logged into DA this morning and noticed I have over 10,000 pageviews! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

Thank you so much everyone for all the pageviews, watches, faves and lamas! ;)

Stay turned for more,



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