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The Death Card Redux

this was the other one i did for tarot card project. i had originally canned this one in favor of the other Death card, but after the other guy failed to finish his, this one got inserted in its spot. they made a calender (but sadly, no tarot deck yet).

as you can see, i'm a fan of that big ridiculous meavy metal skull garbage. just trying to make it 'badass'.

thanks for all the feedback ive been getting. i really appreciate it.
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I don't know what to say, except that i love this. The line art is phenomenol, and the use of color amazing.
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now we are talking. yeah. :+fav:
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now we are talking. yeah. :+fav:
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now we are talking. yeah. :+fav:
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awesome design.
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very intense, especially for two tone art. love the style and a dramatic angle plays out well. :thumbsup:
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i remember seeing this at eatpoo too . i love this one, but you were right about the other version (which i faved a while ago) being better. but i like the whole two-colour-and-thats-it effect. and with the scratches.

great work man. :D
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nice picture. very well drawn!
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Nice, I really like the cool concert poster look of your work!
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Very nice...I am glad the other guy sucked so you could get yours displayed, woot! I love matter how 'it' is's just so cool. You did a wonderful job. Lovely.
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I really liked the first one, but the texture and color works realllllly nice for a sinister version of this. Yeah, it's more what you expect... but it's a fun, KILLER version of what you expect. ^_~
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Sweet. I love the "propaganda" style you use.
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This is awesome. Even better then the first one!
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I love that propaganda poster style of yours. You wouldn't happen to like to do a tutorials on that, would you? :)
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lol looks badass mate love it the church in the background really makes it imo awsome
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yeah, you were right, i DO like this one too
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Nice. I like the Grim Reaper. :)
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Cool. You should do the other major arcana.
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I remember seeing these cards a while ago on eatpoo, I liked yours a lot. I have always been a fan of your work... good stuff man...
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