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May 28, 2004
The Death Card by ~MrSmith explores tarot cards.
Featured by voodoo-prophet
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The Death Card

done for a tarot card project. i chose the Death card, and went with a New Orleans/vooodoo theme


oh man am i dim. i just figured out how to edit this description. i fixed the link.

the card was for the tarot card project in which each person picks one or two cards to interpret as he or she chooses. i picked death. i would really like to do more (like all the major arcana ones). i will try to get around to it. the subject is very inspiring.

thanks for all the great feedback. i'll try to post more than every 9 months from now on. :P
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faye-the-firefox's avatar
I love how you incorporated a voodoo theme to this, it definitely made it a very unique idea for death. Love the design of it too, well done :D
FRSickly's avatar
Mune-Squared's avatar
This is pretty damned cool. The grasping hand really pops, and the design is very pleasing.
DarkMoonSylph's avatar
I like it, Love the Voodoo theme its really interesting(haven't seen it before) Great work^^
OmarVasquez's avatar
jaja!! GOOD"" NICE CARD!!
See me:[link]
OmarVasquez's avatar
jaja!! GOOD"" NICE CARD!!
See me:[link]
Conary's avatar
MagickalRecordsNet's avatar
I really hope you plan to make more cards with this theme. I really like the black and white. That could be a great set.

Hey, by the way. (:
TheRowd's avatar
Awesome, I really like the looming angle of it looking up towards him.
Also reminds me of playing James Bond GoldenEye on the N64 as Baron Samedi.

Judietta's avatar
I'm into tarot, and I have to say this is probably one of the most creative and best designs I have seen for a tarot deck. Very well designed. I personally wouldn't mind having a New Orleans tarot deck. Great job! Fantastic!
zodiacus's avatar
i like this alot...making a deck i search for tarot cards and found this masterpiece....great job
EmperorNortonII's avatar
That's major cool!
brutha-voodoo's avatar
Fantastic Piece!

From one Mr Smith to another: :salute:
alelale's avatar
ooh. i like it.
ForbiddenDark's avatar
Brilliant, so cool. :D
GidgieGrave's avatar
Oh my god this looks amazing!!! wow!!!
7grims's avatar
o dia dos mortos. teh day of the death. cool consept. keep on rocking.
davethelurker's avatar
MasamuneGuy's avatar
very nice. ill be posting something based off this. well...the pose atleast. awsome job.
DoctorBaud's avatar
reminds me of james bond as he fought against this voodoo master
cool !
abhimanyughoshal's avatar
Coolies! Love this!
Farblade's avatar
Awsome... *faves*
jakedoom's avatar
very well done, i love all the contrast and darkness.
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