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Once upon a Rainy Day

Inspired by my favourite Seiyuu, Sakurai Takahiro-san ( the guy in eyeglasses) and Suzumura Kenichi ^^

At first, I just want to draw a kitten....
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Oh Goodness, is this my God of seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro-sama? I also noticed that he appears with Suzumura Kenichi-sama alsmost everywhere, D.Gray-man, Zombie Loan and a few others. Thank you, I've lost another litre of my blood.
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I love both Sakurai and Suzumura~~! The art's amazing, too! ^^
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ooooh I love the two of them ^_^ their voices are like honey
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I adore these two X33 Its beaut x
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I want more SakuSuzu <3
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thats so lovely. :)
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Bwaww, they're so pretty and cute. <3
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*le gasp*
I love everything about it!!
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I love them! They're my favourite seiyuus!! >w<
Nice job, they're adorable!
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How cute~ It's very nice <3
I also like Suzukens voice~ He's so are you!
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I love the soft coloring style. It's beautiful!
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they're my favorite pair so i'm really happy to see this fanart <3<3 thanks soo much for sharing :hug:
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Sakurai Takahiro and Suzumura Kenichi together makes for excellent chemistry in an anime. XD I love how you depicted them both here!
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Sakurai-san's my favourite favourite seiyuu :heart: Kenichi Suzumura's awesome too! This is such a lovely piece of them, so bright and pastelly. :love:
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Hello my friend,

I send this message just to tell that I featured your work:
- in my Journal: [link]
- in my News: [link]

Congratulations for the wonderful work!!! :clap:
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:"> awnsome, I really really likt it and luv ur color too
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หมีเอ้คิดถึงงานพี่ป่านมากฮ่า โฮกกกกกกก
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ahhhh! the boy with glasses totally resembles Sakurai-san, great job!!! LOVE :heart:
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How completely sweet! I love boys and kitties!
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Wow me and my friend were going on and on about Takahiro yesterday xD So I'm going to fave this because on top of that, it's really quite beautiful.
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