yesterday i found out that my gf, my roommate, and i are three adults taught completely different things about hair washing when we were kids and it fascinated me tbh. which method of hair care do you agree with/were taught?
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use less shampoo and mostly conditioner - you'll dry out your scalp/hair if you use too much shampoo so focus on nourishment
use mostly shampoo and less conditioner - focus on cleansing; a little conditioner goes a long way
use equal parts shampoo and conditioner - too much conditioner = greasy and too much shampoo = dry, so strike a balance
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Published: March 30, 2018
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Miapet|Professional Digital Artist
With natural curly hair, I use less to no shampoo and only what I need conditioner wise (though that's way more than average since my poof is very large). I shampoo maybe once a week since my hair is so dry. Otherwise I just rinse with water.
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MikeyOpossum|Hobbyist General Artist
i was taught to use less conditioner, but also my own personal preference now is not using any. my hair is short enough that I don't need it, and I never liked to use it much anyways. When my hair was long I needed it but it usually left me feeling like my hair was greasy and I could never rinse it enough
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k-times-two|Professional General Artist
I was taught to use both, but my hair's pretty naturally greasy, so I usually only use shampoo near the scalp. If I have super long hair or my hair is a mess, I'll use conditioner on the ends. 
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Lukky|Student Digital Artist
I wasn't taught to use one more than the other. I think my hair is dryer tho. I will often just condition it and not even use shampoo unless it's a special occasion. I hate the way shampoo and bar soap make my hair/skin feel course/sticky. (They both strip out your natural oils)
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What's conditioner? Shampoo and Dove soap bar.
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GalooGameLady|Professional Filmographer
My family never used conditioner (poor people problems? cultural differences?). I washed my hair every 2-3 days all the way up to my 20s.
As an adult I wash my hair every day now and still don't use conditioner. I just don't like how icky it makes my hair feel, like it's coated in grease :/ I iron my hair only when I need to go somewhere (which is not too often lol) so it doesn't get too damaged.
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skellri|Student Digital Artist
my hair gets hella greasy, hella fast. so shampoo > conditioner for me as well!
I've also got long hair, so I use a VERY tiny amount of conditioner on my scalp and just focus it on the lower half of my hair bc breakage.
I also wash my hair every day which I get screamed at for by many people LOL but I cannot stand how my scalp feels after a day of no washing. Working in a chip factory does me no favors on that part either, between sweating, seasoning floating around in the air, and chip oil. no thanks.
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Shadoritos|Student General Artist
My hair is only able to be combed when there is conditioner in it so I need a lot lmao I have to shampoo twice more often than not LOL
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lemonscntd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with Noxx. Mostly depends on your hair type and health. To avoid drying out my hair I can only wash it about every two weeks and use more conditioner
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NoxxPlush|Professional Artisan Crafter
I think it definitely depends on your hair type and hair health. I have more dry hair, and I also bleach and dye it colors so I want to use less shampoo. I usually only wash the roots really good and then drag the shampoo through to the ends. And I need a lot of conditioner on the ends, but I try to keep it mostly off my scalp.
And I only shampoo like every 3-4 days to keep the color |D My techniques are a lot.
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I have oily hair so I tend to use less conditioner myself. :V
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MrsDrPepper|Hobbyist Digital Artist
+1 on the shampoo > conditioner option btw
i was always taught a little conditioner is plenty
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