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aaahhh so we finally got to put the finishing touches on our art desk setup today. our (HUGE?) cintiq arrived wednesday, and the tower pc i ordered specifically for it arrived yesterday. after making it more like home and setting up our art programs last night, we finally have a computer that is a dedicated art machine and our main workstation, that isn't our personal laptops full of distractions. just our necessary art programs installed and an external hard drive plugged in to keep all our art backed up in one safe place. it feels really, REALLY nice !!

i can't really express how much of a relief it is to have our new workstation so easily accessible, too. for example, when we wanted to draw before, we would have to carry our laptop(s) to our desk, fiddle around behind the desk to plug it in so it doesn't die in 20 minutes, and get our previous tablet all plugged in and comfortable. which in theory isn't too bad and isn't much work, right? but it becomes a huge obstacle when you're in that depressive fog that keeps you from being able to jump even the small hurdles that get you from point A to point B. when you even feel so motivated for the drawing part, but not motivated to do the things to reach that point, so nothing happens. that is the worst feeling

with our new setup we just have to wake up the art computer and the cintiq (the art computer's independent monitor unless we plug in another for extension) is up and ready to go. no fidgeting with any cords or crawling under any desks. just the literal touch of a button

today we even hand modded our desk with some wood panel scraps to have little cubbyholes for our keyboard and mouse and a few other accessories, specifically outside of our leg space so we can be comfortable as possible while we work/sit however we like without having to lower our chair. tbh as someone who needs PLENTY of leg room and the ability to have my chair all the way up to see my display as close as possible, it's a game changer for me

speaking of game changers, of course the cintiq 22hd is AMAZING. it will take a little getting used to like all new equipment does but it feels really really nice so far and i'm optimistic about the future of our productivity with our new setup. some art dreams really came true this month man

that's where i've been
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
Aaahh that sounds so wonderful!! I'm so happy you could get the cintiq!
MrsDrPepper Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaa me too ;v; i caught the deal just in time on ebay the other day, showed it to my gf and she snapped it up almost right away. it is practically brand new, in perfect condition and not a single sign or visible speck of usage, and it had just been posted as Buy It Now for $975 +free shipping. the seller (who of course we checked thoroughly for good seller reviews beforehand which he had plenty of) was AMAZING, packed it up himself safest i've ever seen a thing packed. all necessary bits and bobs were included and were also visibly untouched

according to the seller, he did photo touchups in the past and the cintiq was gifted to him brand new by a client a good while back, but he had stopped doing touchups about that time and since then he never even really got the chance to make use of it at all and it just sat in his house. still amazing that he let it go at that price, he could have made a pretty penny more than that off it since it was so new and beautiful. i've seen many visibly used and worn ones go for hundreds of dollars more. we are just very lucky some people are unselfish !
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
Wow, that's amazing!! :0 Sometimes things are just meant to work out! I got my embroidery machine very gently used for $2500 when the model starts at $4000-5000 new. It was on ebay and pickup only 3 hours from me. Right place at the right time!
I'm still keepin an eye out and trying to save for the smaller tablet you recommended for me. Hopefully someday!
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August 11, 2017