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Headshots by MrsDrPepper
offering headshots like these!
up just $5 from my $25 sketchy busts, this is some of the cleanest colored art i've offered in a while! i love the look and feel of lineless

i am taking animal+furry characters only this go around
these clean $30 headshots will feature some simple shading and a transparent background

i accept payment exclusively via paypal (invoices). first come, first served!

comment or note me to request a slot and i'll get back to you soon as i can

:bulletred: SLOT 1 - closed, completed
:bulletred: SLOT 2 - closed, completed

additionally, if anyone is interested, i will offer a single slot for a (sfw) full-body in this style for $70
keel't by MrsDrPepper like this submission,
but with a layer of cel shading. i won't push for this slot if no one wants it, but i thought i would offer it if anyone wants more than a headshot!
:bulletred: $70 FULL-BODY SLOT - closed, completed

EDIT: i've taken on a larger project and have to close headshot commissions for the time being until that project is complete! /EDIT
kateboat Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Student General Artist
awww shoot... i gotta grab one of the headshots :')
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Submitted on
November 17, 2017


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