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tfw you gotta redesign your fursona, again

i haven't made any MAJOR changes to scout's design in a while, just tweaks here and there. they are one of my characters who has stayed very recognizable for a few years now despite the tweaks, but now i'm considering putting them through a species change. we'll see where that goes. i haven't made a proper ref for scout since early 2014 soooo yea i guess scout is overdue for at least a little more work

probably going to keep some of their more iconic features, like palette and eyes since i can't really part with that and call them the same character and i feel personally connected to that set of colors. but i want to pull scout back down to earth and have them be something less vague than 'alien canid body with a slime living in its head' lol. i have my personal battles with identity to thank for that aspect of scout's character, and while i don't DISLIKE it and it has been a fun and silly concept making light of something more serious within myself, i just want to try to properly ground scout (as well as myself). peace of mind reasons mostly

on a related subject, as someone who struggles with identity, i end up developing TOO many sonas and none of them are too alike? so it's like 'which one IS actually me? this one? this one? or all of them???' it becomes more confusing as they pile up over time. scout is (or has developed into something) more aggressive than i actually ever could be. my anthropomorphic chili pepper character i see as more or less a silent character, shy and intelligent and almost opposites to scout, and while i connect to a few parts of her personality i struggle with connecting her design to my inner self or outward appearance the way i can connect scout to it. my chili pepper dragonsona is more soft and timid than i am and since she is based on the chili Pepper, she suffers from similar design disconnects (though boyyy i really do love the bright analogous color schemes of the dragon and chili pepper). these are just a few of my current mascots or sonas, not counting my gemsonas or pokesonas

this isn't to say i don't love all of my mascots and self-characters. and i know that when creating a fursona or any type of sona, there's not really a limit, and you can go all out making it things that you feel like you would be if you could be Anything (like ripped for example, or cooler and more outgoing, or more cute and smol, or higher sexual prowess, anything) and you can live vicariously through an idealized character. i love that and i do that all the time with my sona characters as well. i just wonder why i struggle so much with making just ONE that more closely resembles what i am like in my everyday life in more than just one or two small ways. my personal goal is to strike a balance and it's BOY is it tough for me
Rainbow-Foxy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Professional General Artist
I think you should give it a go and try to do some tweaks and changes! ;v;

I myself will have only one fursona, really. I had an old one that was a bit more idealized, and I was through thick and thin with her, but over time grew out of her. I mean, also she got hosted on an "atrociously ugly fursonas" type page on Facebook and that really hurt while I was already ambivalent at the time about if I should make a new fursona.

I decided that it would be best for myself to make a character that looked as close to me as possible in body type and also mood and even like? Real life colors I guess? I also found out how much I like shades of browns on a character haha. I modeled colors on her after my skin tone (arguably my skin tone is more like the white and the tan together bc I am on the pale side aha) and hair color just like mine. I gave her my body type and the mole on my face, my eye color, since I wanted something that was so ME that the only thing different was that she was a furry.

And thats what I was looking for since the personality in the character, like the personality within myself, is more or less self contained or expressed thru body language and emotions or style of clothes and whatnot. It just felt the most natural and close to me. She literally IS me! And I also have some body/self-image issues that have really been helped by making my sona, who so many people like and adore, have my own body type and everything, really helped with my self love.

But I do also have fun living vicariously through characters or exploring themes and interests I don't want to necessarily touch upon with my own fursona since I have very defined fantasy and reality distinctions that I want to uphold. So I have tons of characters of all types and sorts, and all of them kind of have a different piece and side of me? They aren't sonas tho, just OCs! 

You do what feels best to you. ;v; Its ok to have one sona, its ok to have a thousand of them. I went the route of making a sona that is the epitome of my self and even really looks like me, and then any other ideas, traits, or struggles with self I express through my other ocs. Example, I have a male blue dog sona who's a bit of a hedonist, a big foodie, and just kind of a party boy and even though he isn't a sona, he sometimes may as well be? Kind of like an outlet to express some male energies? He's the closest I would imagine I'd be like if I were a dude (which is something I've wanted to explore, despite being very comfy where i am and not having gender identity questions).
Ranohara Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm.... maybe the struggle of making one character to closely resemble you is because you struggle so much with identity? As in like, I'm sure it must be more difficult to create a character or sona that fully resembles you if you have trouble identifying everything that makes you, well.... you (though tbh it's harder to make a 'sona like that in general). Some people struggle with putting all their personality traits into one character regardless of that, though- I've seen some people make 'vent' sonas that are their angry or hurt side, comfort characters that just exist to make them feel better, things of that nature. They take a couple defining traits and just roll with it. I imagine it's easier to connect with characters that represent one 'part' of you during those times when you would feel those things rather than dump them all on one character, but that really kinda limits what your 'sonas can do, I think.

I think you're right in that there's no limits to 'sonas. You just gotta find what works best for you, and that's different for each person! But if you want Scout to be more like you, maybe try to think of traits of yours that are closely related and that you'd really like to emphasize in them and base your design around that? Idk if that's much help, but I wish you luck in developing your 'sona to something you can relate with better! c:
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