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my tablet monitor hdmi cord almost bit the dust today

i had found the small end of the cord that goes into the side of tablet at a startling angle this morning, sticking out of the port all crooked as if it were jerked aside or bumped by mistake (we have the horrible habit of storing it with the power and video cords plugged into the tablet instead of unplugging it all from the sides but like. don't do that. we're not going to anymore. bad things can happen if the cord bases are bumped accidentally). when i tried to gently pull the cord out to correct it, the black rubber end that has the teeeny tiny metal pins inside just. slipped clean apart from the metal tip that was still snug inside the tablet.

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20161230 114149 by MrsDrPepper

i had to take the dismembered metal end out of the port by hand and i am very lucky there was enough slack to do so and that the port and metal tip were all safely straight in place, meaning the only thing that had been hurt was the cord whenever the damaging pressure happened

the 20 or so exposed pins sticking out of the main bit of the cord were crooked and a little frayed but after like 20 minutes of veeeery carefully coaxing them, i managed to get them back into the proper holes in the tip. then i literally had to superglue the top of the metal tip back into the slot in the black rubber end so it wouldn't pull out anymore. i was really doubtful it would help but it ACTUALLY WORKED?? everything is apparently back in place and the cord works fine. i dunno how long the fix will work but hopefully longer than the visibly awful soldering job that was supposed to be holding it together inside to begin with

20161230 132757 by MrsDrPepper

guys when your electronics aren't being used, it's best to unplug them from all ends if you can. if the base of the cord gets messed up by getting accidentally bumped or jerked by mistake and can't be repaired, you may have to spend $40+ for a new cord depending on the device. and if the port of the device itself gets messed up from the cord getting jammed into it or pulled at a funny angle (which happens all the time with tablets with USB cords that get enough pressure in one direction, i know it caused connection trouble on my old bamboo after a while), the whole thing may be toast depending on the damage and/or your warranty. the weak metals holding this stuff together can't be trusted with the possibility of these kinds of accidents in the equation

i was suuuper lucky what i did worked. i consider it a lesson on how Not to store our 
tablet for sure. but i do feel pretty awesome from performing emergency surgery on the cord and it actually working! i just won't count on it to work a second time if anything else happens to it
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lmao my 3ds cord bit the dust today because my cat almost ate it
my cat got shocked and it did him a frighten
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December 30, 2016


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