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Thanks for browsing my commissions! If you're interested in buying art from me, please carefully review this journal first!

  • BUST: $15 USD per character (uncolored)
  • HALF-BODY: $30 USD per character (uncolored)
  • FULL-BODY: $40 USD per character (uncolored)

+$10 USD to any price to have flat colors on the image

(Limit 2 interacting characters per image. The charge-full-price-per-character rule is negotiable depending on the detail of the additional character - for example, I may ask for less if it is just a small pet, etc)


  • YES!: anthro/furry, animals, human(oid), fan art, monsters, nudity/mild nsfw
  • NO!: mecha, cars, detailed weaponry or machinery, porn/sex-centric art, non-con situations, fetishy art, heavy gore
  • I reserve the right to refuse to draw any commission I am uncomfortable with for any reason
  • I may charge more for heavily detailed characters
  • For OC's: full ref sheets are perfect for visual reference. If you don't have one, at least 2 descriptive images of the character are to be linked
  • I'd prefer less than a paragraph of written information. Just very a short, informative blurb about their personality or anything else you think is vital to the commission is perfect! If I have further questions, I will ask you myself
  • I may want to post a completed commission in my gallery/blog at some point or use it as an example for future commission posts. If you are against me posting your commission on my sites or would prefer to keep it totally private, or would like to discuss whether or not you want your username shared in junction with the commission, please include that information in our initial discussion, or tell me after you've approved the completed drawing

BUSTS: $15, +$10 for colors; limit 2 characters per image

Demboys3 by MrsDrPepper amedots 1 by MrsDrPepper Kubocommishresize by MrsDrPepper

HALF-BODY: $30, +$10 for colors; limit 2 characters per image

   tash and barb by MrsDrPepper Ags by MrsDrPepper amedots 2 by MrsDrPepper

FULL-BODY: $40, +$10 for colors; limit 2 characters per image


NOTES: My sketch style is often experimental and I may occasionally change up my preferred brush sizes or textures.
Most uncolored commissions have a minimal amount of grayscale tones added for shading or values. If you specifically want the uncolored commission to be untoned/solid white, let me know

Comment this journal to request a slot or note me, and I will note you to discuss the commission! The upfront payment will be via PayPal (invoice) only! First come+discussed, first served. The next available slot will be filled in your name AFTER the commission and payment is discussed via notes. I do not put holds on/reserve slots, so please keep this in mind and don't comment requesting the slot until you are ready to discuss the commission with me and then pay upon agreement.

Thanks for reading all that, and I look forward to working with you!



:star-empty: - not begun | :star-half: - in-progress | :star: - complete! 
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Raesins Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to request a slot! ovo
MrsDrPepper Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;v; i'll note you!
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