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bashful son by MrsDrPepper bashful son by MrsDrPepper
here's hoping pokemon and our new tablet can save me from art block hell! we got ourselves an artisul d13 tablet finally and boy howdy is it nice to draw on an hd screen for once. i won't be able to use my pirated sai which is my preferred program, but hopefully i'll be able to crank out some nice stuff on manga studio ex 5 soon. just gotta find my rhythm
(unless anyone here knows a fix for sai pen pressure on a UC-logic display tablet ?? i have sai 1.2.5 and i at least got the cursor moving in the work area by changing stuff in the misc.ini file, but i can't get that pen pressure going. i tried every fix i could find online including downloading the penates drivers but nothing seems to work!)

meanwhile here's a little doodle i whipped up on ms paint of my shiny crobat from my sun team, hermes. i snagged a shiny zoob in seaward cave in a random encounter the second time i picked the game up. no help calls or anything. i think he's part of the reason i got hooked into the game!
hermes is bashful and quick tempered. he looks naked and i love him
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Neko83882 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
: >
I found a shiny Lillipup he's got a hasty nature
I'm surprised as well on my 1st shiny, thought you'd have to wait till after the story
Nice find on the shiny zubat, I ♡ shiny Crobat
And congrats on getting a plushie of your roo too
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Professional General Artist
Aaahh he's so cute! What a good find! I haven't run into any shinies myself, but all my friends are!
(also whoa, that tablet looks really cool and pretty affordable! I may have to check it out if you recommend it!)
MrsDrPepper Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shinies are pretty obtainable in sun/moon! you can find them on purpose if you're patient enough. later in the game i chained help-call battles to get a shiny trapinch which probably took about 35 mins, shiny fomantis for my roommate in about 20 mins, and a shiny rockruff for my gf which took closer to an hour because they had my accuracy all the way down with sand-attack, the bastards. if you have an adrenaline orb, a pokemon who knows false swipe or hold back, PP and health restoring items, and a lot of patience, it's pretty easy to get a shiny of your own. TRY IT OUT

i gotta say, so far i can happily recommend this tablet! it's an affordable cintiq alternative without being and feeling cheap. i've used non-wacom tablets and i've noticed that they tend to have a cheap feeling to them because it's what ya pay for, but the artisul doesn't feel cheap at all (because you are paying somewhere between the cintiq price and cheap price). it's comfortably light but feels sturdy and the buttons on the side panel feel nice. the screen isn't that shiny glass you see on a lot of cintiq alternatives, it's got a slight texture to the screen protector to feel more natural to draw on, but it's slightly smoother than a cintiq and offers a quiet and pleasing stroke. the screen is bright and colorful and most importantly HIGH DEFINITION. i've been drawing on an old second-hand cintiq 12wx for a couple of years so the crispness of the picture and liveliness of color is soooo nice. the 12wx is so dark and fuzzy and..ugly in comparison. not to mention the 12wx has a HORRIBLE cord setup that i am so glad to hide up in the closet and never look at again. the simple and to the point cord situation for the d13 is suuuch a relief
the size and look is just like the cintiq 13hd: perfect for a small desk setup and it's way light and slim enough to use in your lap if you want (which is my preferred way to doodle). not too big to be un-portable but plenty big for my purposes. unlike most non-wacom tablets, the pen is actually battery- and charge- free. i kind of prefer the weight of the wacom pen but the artisul pen doesn't feel bad at all
i think you should totally check it out further! there's pretty helpful reviews on youtube that got me on board with it
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Professional General Artist
Ahhh ok, thank you for all the info!!
Lukky Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I just love that shiny crobat is pink. <3

Also this is adorable.
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December 6, 2016
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