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Time Consumer, Time Consuming

Time Consumer, Time Consuming This was it. This was the moment. The dreadful deed I set out to do was about to be done. My heart beat harder and louder with every creaking step up those damned stairs. I was careful not to spill a single drop from the two glasses I held in each hand. I was careful to keep my hands from shaking any harder, or else I would lose my grip on those two, cold, glass cups entirely. Those two bitter cold glass cups...chilling me down to the very depths of my soul, encasing it in a forever frozen layer of ice. I counted the steps as I walked. I counted them down. Twelve, eleven, ten, nine...I was so close and I co


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Tell me where your skeletons go When they leave your closet Do they walk downtown to the corner store Do they tell your friends you're honest Tell me where your skeletons go Tell me where your skeletons Tell me where the skeletons go Will they tell us all we need to know The click clack click of their jaw bones stick In your mind like flesh and muscle would As they clatter onward and chatter to Your neighbors of their twin inside you They saw through you with empty sockets Saw what you hide inside your pockets Saw your history saw your thoughts it's Hard to keep your heart in its cage Hard to talk about the war you wage Tell me were your s

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