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You've come such a long, long way

Ha.. I'm tired-
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I need something like this, but with Princess Luna, that would be so much more epic!

But this is still very beautiful!
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Stunning job!
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I was very allured to this piece due to the fact that you have chosen to craft on of my very favorite scenes that always somehow manages to make me cry. I love your style as well as the way that you have chose to present this with the elongated view of everything! I love the character design and the soft textures that you ised in order to capture the tenderness of the moment! The way that you made her mane flow through the piece is quite lovely and the detail that you put into it is very impressive! I also love how you were able to duplicate the atmosphere and match it with your brilliant lighting and shading which adds a great amount of depth! The pastel colors are very lush and light which brings every facet of this piece together in harmony! This is a fantastic piece and I would very much love to see much more of your exquisite art in the near future! Great work! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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Wonderful work.

Very gracious and majestic. More love for Celestia
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This is a wonderful glamour pose of the wonderful princess, so majestic and a bit ethereal. Outstanding work on Celestia, especially with such a contented expression and her soft, lovely mane, feathers, etc. If she's in this good of a mood then the world must be in awesome shape today. :)
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Beautiful ! C:
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Beautifull art.
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Wow. I mean, WOW. Glamorous :D
Nice work, wing looks really nice, and I like the pink on her eyelashes
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This is so beautiful! :)
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One of my favorite moments in the series. Nicole Oliver NAILED that song, just as you've nailed this shot of Celestia. Wonderful work!
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another amazing job
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O.O She looks beautiful.
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So, detailed; I love it!
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get some rest for now, i suppose XD

and nice drawing by the way
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