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You picked the wrong Bunny.

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... P.M .9 years ago
a person dared Jerry got dared to sleep
... ... in a house that was belived
... next day his friends
waited for him out
side the house.... ..... ..... ..... They had
to go inside and search for
him. They
went through every room
exept the
attic.He wasn't supposed to sleep
there. He was supposed to
sleep in the
living room they went into
the attic.
They saw Jerry's corpse and they just
left because they were
scared. But that
night they all died because
of their
friend. He killed them all for making him
sleep in that house If you
don't send
this to 11 comments you
will die tonight
by Jerry. Example 1: A man named
Stewart Read this and
didn't believe it.
He shut off his computer
and went
through his day. That night while he
was in bed he heard
something outside
of his door. He got up to
look. And now
he's dead. Example 2: A Girl named
Haley Read this in the
morning and she
got scared but she didn't send it. She wanted to know if it was true. She went to school (She was only 13 years old) and that night she died. If
you don't post this on 11 comments tonight you
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how do I report faggots like you?
skipsophrenic's avatar
ooooooh crap, futterage incoming.
CoronaNate's avatar
holy wackamoly!
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
thats so sad.. who would do that too fluttershy and angel?
idislikecake's avatar
Anyone who hates Angel. Which is everyone.
whitefangX's avatar
Then...Flutterhulk is back...
lyokian's avatar
Hmm...she's more...mad than sad. Pissed actually...know what? I'll just take a back seat here and if she's in trouble I'll jump in.
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There are many levels of you just fucked up
And this person just achieved the highest level
GamziMakr's avatar
Someone's gonna die. 
frans97's avatar
an eye for an eye...
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Makes the whole World....look like Pirates.
I am fluttershy montoya.  You killed my rabbit.  Prepare to die.
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for some reason  could hear sun seto saying tht XD
michellethecat13's avatar
Oh snap! 

You picked the wrong Bunny indeed. 
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Looks like a sequel to :D

Very nice job ;-; luv it!
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Poor Angel. 
But very nice drawing ^^
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