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What Princess is..

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Never forget anything
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This is beautiful and very sad at the same time. It hits really hard...

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You must have foresight if you were able to capture Twilight's future self four years before she appeared in the show.

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I love this piece. :) Favorited it ages ago, but stumbled across it again just now. I was wondering if it'd be alright if I were to use this for a fanfic I'm thinking of writing?
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When she says "it's lonely at the top", she's not talking about being on an elevator.

I want to be there to share her pain. Princess or no princess...she's hurt and vulnerable.
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Wonderful work.

Despite being a sad piece.
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My GOD, that's gorgeous! The style, the drawing, the attention to detail, the color, the tragedy of the message...! Rock on!
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Aww, poor Twily. Uneasy lies the head that wears a Big Crown Thingy.

You really put such emotion into it, we don't even need to know what happened to feel it!
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Nuuuuu! Twilie, please don't cry. 'hugs her tight tight tight'
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Wow this is beautiful!!
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This is beautiful.
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God this is amazing, Great job!! ^^
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omg this is beautiful :'c ♥
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She looks so... lonely. I just want to give her a hug 
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Is this... Fire behind her? c__O
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I'm not sure.. ㅇ3ㅇ

I thought that background is a mountain.
However, It can be a fire too.

I'll leave this to your imagination. :)
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I imagine it - refering to "Never Forget Anything" - like one of her friends died and their body is burned; like it is common in a lot of medieval stories/movies/cultures.

I thought that's the reason Twilight is crying T__T
Whatever the truth may be, your picture is truely wonderful!
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they look like hills to me xD
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Absolutely incredible work!
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