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Spike the Messenger #7

Let me know when there are grammatical errors :)

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yeah wings
maybe hasbro eventually give those to spike , eh nevermind -_-
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Wow, Twilight racist much
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Princess Celestia Awe Plz : My dear Twilight Sparkle, that book was written by an idiot who knew nothing about Dragons. Dragons are far more diverse than we ever imagined.
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looks at author page

co-written by starswirl the bearded and princess celestia 
He's a cripple, and it's offensive of you to point it out.
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We did actually see another wingless dragon: In Dragon Quest, the one with a big tail was also lacking them...!

But anyway, cute art! :)
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there are variants: in the comics,we can see dragons without wings. Is some difference in races, some are flying type, ground type and water type
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Oh, Is there another wingless dragon on mlp comic series?

I didn't know that..

I didn't see any ground type dragons through whole of main tv animation series.
So, I thought that Spike is most unique one of the dragon species.

You may treat my comic as parallel universe in mlp series. :)
Honestly, the way the dragons were presented in the comic wasn't particularly well-done, most fans ignore that issue.
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in friends forever, when luna and  spike works togheter 
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Thanks for the information!

I'll fix my story line with that set about dragons :) 
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check first to see the dragons, but anyways is interesting see the story, keep that line (is the objetive not?) and keep working
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sounds like an over-sized lizard XD
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every는 단수로 이어지니깐 뒤에도 their 대신 its를 붙이는게 맞겠죠?
속담 중에 Every rose has its thorn이란 속담도 있어요 헤헤...
메일로 그냥 뜬금없이 보내주셔도 매일매일 확인하니깐... 혼자서 힘들어하지 마시구 제게 보내주세요!
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그리구 it은 사물이나 동물에 쓰이는걸로 알고 있는데
mlp 세계관에서 드래곤은 일종의 지성체니 it보다는 사람을 칭하는 단어로 대체할 순 없나?

구글링해보니깐 every man과 every human being같은건 그냥 'his'로 받네.. ㅎㅅㅎ
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드래곤도 동물이죠! 작중에서의 드래곤 취급에 관한 걸 고려했는데.
저는 그런 식으로 받아서 his로 통일되어버리는 걸 별로 안 좋아해요. 그럴 바엔 차라리 두 성별을 다 내포할 수 있는 it 쪽이 낫다고 생각해서...
지금 지적한 것도 그렇고 이해 불가능한 정도는 아니에요. 오히려 저런 부분은 알아듣기만 하면 되니깐 다들 너그럽게 넘어가주는 편이기도 하고.
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흠, 그렇다면 이전에 퇄라가 스파이크를 'he' 라고 칭하는 것도 다 it으로 바꿔버리는게 좋으려나!
아직 덜 친한 둘 사이의 거리감을 퇄라가 이름을 쉽게 부르지 못하는걸로 표현하려 했는데..ㅠ
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아뇨 어디까지나 every dragon을 그렇게 칭한 거지 스파이크는 단수에 명백히 수컷이니깐... 부르던대로 부르셔요!
너무 그런 거에 매일 필요 없이 문법만 생각하세용, 그게 중요하다고 생각하신다면.
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사실 직접 영작하면서 영어를 다룰만한 기회가 흔치 않아서ㅠ
나름 영어공부한답시고 억지부리고 있긴한데

아얘 전체적인 내용이 이해 불가능할정도로 문법이 망가져있다면
스스로 해보는건 포기해야할듯 ㅠㅠ
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Or he is just a baby and his wings will grow wen he will be older ?
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This is very important moment through my comic :)

There were several episodes about 'grown up Spike', and there are no wings when he fully grown up(or imagine as warrior to save rarity).

I thought there are some reasons that he doesn't have wings.
You can find that reasons through this comic!
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