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Poor Sweetie Belle

By mrs1989
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Redraw version of my past work :)

Poor Sweetie Belle
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor wittle Sweetie-Weetie.

*I scoops her up and keep her warm in my jacket and huggies her*

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Me: *sees Sweetie belle on the box*
SB: *sniff* M-mister, c-can you take me please? I don't have a place to sleep. Nobody loves me and take care of me, I'm all alone in this harsh weather with no roof over my head. Please take me over this harsh time of rain.
Me: *knees over* I don't see harsh time of rain, because what I see is raining waifus!! and f### yeah I'll take you home. I kept praying to my lord and savior Gaben about my waifu being real! Well besides the f### heavy update!!! But yeah I'll take ya home ya little f###. And I'll love you like a wife to me!
SB: Aren't I to young?
Me: Nah
Chris Hansen: 
Hansenlol by SparkleMcTwilights    
Me: Fuck
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Instead of My Little Dashie, we get My Little Sweetie!
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Aww come here *picks up sweetie belle* how could anyone leave you here don't worry I'll look after you.
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Awesome painting!

"You have to have a heart of stone not to love puppies (cross that out) Sweetie Belle in a box on the street."
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If you saw this in real life, no force in heaven or hell could force you not to take her, and care for her.
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Saw you featured on ED :D
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Well, looks like you need a new home, Sweetie Belle..... Don't worry!
I have enough room for both of us! *scoops her up and carries her home*
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Come with me if you want a Onii-Chan
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I'll adopt her and help her finding her cutie mark!
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So finally rarity had enough of her?Rarity (Hmm) Plz 
What kind of cruel, twisted creature would abandon a Sweetie Belle?!
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Especially in Equestria.
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Sweetie belle is MINE!
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My little Sweetie :3
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this picture is such a fake... you wont had enough time to make this photo, before somepony would rush by and pick her up! (=me)
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"Rarity told me to wait here and she'd be right back. That was five days ago..."
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At least she got her cutie mark: :iconcardboardboxplz:
Her special talent is being abandoned!
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