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Make Love

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oh gwad why isn't this censored!!
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Is this proper for DA?
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Metal Emote DOUBLE THE ROCK!!!
So thats how rocks are made (lol im not stupid im in year 8 lol)
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LOL I am year 10 :3
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Naughty Maud Pie
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0////0 this should be tagged as "mature"!
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Maud knows her stuff, leave the shipping rocks process to her!
That's getting your rocks ON.
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Maud Pie를 한글로 어떻게 읽어야 할까요? 머드파이? 모드파이? 마우드파이? 역시 머드파이인가? 그럼 진흙파이로 들리는데...... orz
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translate:  How to read Hangul to do? Mud Pie? Mode pie? Marwood pie? Mud Pie is also? So to hear a mud pie
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I was asking the artist how Maud Pie shoud be pronounced in Korean. Because the most obvious alternative sounds the same as Mud Pie and the second alternative sounds like Mode Pie, neither of them suffices.
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거의 모드파이로 읽는 것 같더라구요 ㅋ
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translate: Gatdeoraguyo reading almost all of the files
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That means:
It's almost pronounced like 'mode pie'. :)

Thanks for translating!
I believe you mean "almost gatdeoraguyo reading mode as pie." Google thinks it's probably wrong, but we know better.
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