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MLP:FIM comes to Korea!

By mrs1989
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I've waited long time..

Finally.. DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Story & Concept by. Muhan37
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and that's how they run the show for the whole world
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Eye yea yea why are asian languages so hard to learn.
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wait, vat? when?... This will get interesting. O.o
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But many of the Korean bronies are furious. Because of MLP? No, because of the channel on live, Tooniverse. Tooniverse has done one of the WORSE dubs in Korean cartoon channels.
The first show is coming out at 4/30 9:00AM. They're waiting with a half smile and a half scowl.
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Well, since the Korean version of the show will be based off of the Japanese dub of the show, is it a possibility that some songs will remain in Japanese if they were not able to be translated into Korean?
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U Mad Bro? f*** ya :I
Andifeel 4 Andifeel 2 Andifeel Andifeel 3  don't worry
Police Police fat ass -shoots everyone- troll!!!!!!!!!!!
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Psy - Gangnam Style dance XDOppan Gangnam Style  Gentlemen  XDDDD so funny Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3] Hay Sexeh Laydeh  sonic pop dance Hyper Sonic dance Uncle Chuck Dancing Tails RULES Animation  Tails Sprite Animation 1  dance party .-. Crazy amy with hammer Amy Battle emoticon Super Amy Transformation Shadow shadows show off dance Silver Telekinesis Emoticon ME ,CREAM CaramellDansen avi Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) :ievanpolkka: Justin-bieber-animation Taylor-swift-scream Grito llama cancan   my sonamy kiss gif icon shadowXmaria oh god nabbit.................................................I hate love moments......unless its me XDGet Blue Spheres Knuckles Taunt Knux Battle Icon Knux Rush Icon Naruto Dancing Free Olaf Sunglasses Summer avatar Tard Slide :beercontest: :flowerboogie: Remnants Carameldansen Let them jump out of cake Luigi Icon Disco Fever Dancing Jin emoticon Party Cat Monk Emote - Party Bomb-omb Love: Bruce+Bombette dance Party muffin party Tokonega Icon Party tay Dancingbearemote brospartyPLZ a.k.a Super High Bros. Note-Kitty likes to celebrate ...............'
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BigStareGun wtf.........................
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Panels 2 and 3 looks somewhat sexual with those red cheeks >_<
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i know gangman style > lol
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Shouldn't be too hard, right?  If I'm not mistaken, going from Japanese to Korean is like going from Italian to Latin, right?
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well, this should be...interesting.
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As would the guy from lore say;haaaave fun!
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Does Taiwan have it's own language or does Chinese cover all bases: reading, writing, and speaking? Oh, I nearly forgot Vietnamese. The West and Asia do lots of shit together, I know, but I also know some parts of Asia aren't as involved in nerdy West/Asian cross culture stuff, including Vietnam and the Southeast.
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