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Lunar Guard

By mrs1989
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그들이 셀레스티아의 일만 로얄가드 앞에서도 두려워하지 않았던 것은
나이트메어문에 대한 공포나 존경때문이 아니었다.

옳고 그름을 판단할 수 있었음에도
스스로 고된 길을 선택한 이유는

오랜 세월동안 지속되어온
루나와의 우정때문이었으리라.
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The shadow bolts look like bad ocs
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Bat 1: Come, brother! We can take on the Sun Tyrant's army!
Bat 2: None shall live! Everypony, CHARGE!
Bat 2: It's just the two of us, isn't it.
Bat 1: We can scare enough Dawn Guard away so those left are an even fight.
Bat 2: And if that doesn't work?
Bat 1: ...
Bat 2: Oh, dear Luna. That was your whole plan?
Bat 1: Hey, it's a pretty awesome plan-
Bat 2: No! No, it's not! And if we survive the next five minutes, I'll explain in DETAIL why it's not!
Bat 1: Pah. Spoil sport.
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Hey... hey animators!  Are you looking for animation ideas?  Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?  Then boy howdy, does Tzryylon5 have you covered!
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Even within his statue, Discord laughs, "Chaos! GLORIOUS CHAOS!!!! BUWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
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They look so ferocious.
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아주 깔끔한 그림, 매우 상세한 나는 음영을 사랑 해요. 환상적인 작품, 나는 그들이 무슨 일을하는지 궁금 ...? :)
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