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Giggle at the ghostie!

Giggle at the ghostie Korean Dubbed Version :…

유령 봐도 웃어!

일단 크게 웃어!

무서워도 웃어!

슬플 때도 웃어!

깔깔대고 크게!

코웃음도 가끔~
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back to where it all began...
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Ah... this song... this episode... the nostalgia... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Amazing job!
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This makes me happy :3
Artention's avatar
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
I do can imagine her making the trees smile as well ^_^ well done
AlphaKicksTM's avatar
Shes brohoofing :D
TheMikeDee's avatar
That scares me!
Echodonut's avatar
Those were the days...
Though more recent days have been pretty swell as well :)
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Also, I like how you did a role reversal with the trees smiling and Pinkie being the scared one :P
I didn't notice it at first, but after looking at that pony's face I did.
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That reminds me one of the Fairy Tales though with some happy trees. :)
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That's a song that stuck in my mind for a while after I watched the episode for the first time. They did am excellent work on this version.

You really did a great as well with this piece .

Awesome work. So... did you giggled at the ghostie yourself?
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Once there was this ghost in my house and I suggested we giggle at it to make it go away.
It turned out to be a demon and my whole family is dead now.

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I am still loving your art very much and I am so happy that you have kept it coming along! This looks wonderful and I love the fact that you chose to gaze into the past with this piece! It really takes me back to those first episodes! As I have said before, I lov eyour artistic style and the way that you presented this! I love how the mood here is changed to happiness and it brings forth the essence of Pinkie so well! The soft textures exaggerate this even more and I love the expressions of the trees that you crafted! The lighting and shading adds so much depth and works very well with the atmosphere and positioning of everything! The color work is also brilliant with the bright hues that you used which are blended to perfection! This is another magnificent piece and I await your next piece of art! Great work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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omg that is awesome! the shading is amazing!!!
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Ha Ha! Pinkie is just funny!
Nice work!
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Oh god, Pinkie found Toon Town!!
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