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Cowgirl AppleJack

Ready for this? :D
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Should be in the show.
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OMG this is amazing! I love how you have shaded Aj :D
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강남스타일에 나와도 되는 섹시레이디. 그나저나 님 그림체는 정말 따로따로 노는 타입인가요?(아 표현 ㅈㅅ합니다 님을 욕하는게 아니라 다른 적절한 말이 안보여서)
저도 따로 놀긴 한다만 그렇다고 보긴 힘들어요 ㅋ;;
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아직 이거저거 부족해서..
그리는방법을 내킬때마다 다르게 해보고있습니다~ 헤헤헤

선을 따서 레이어를 나누어 채색을 따로하거나
한꺼번에 뭉뚱그려서 그려보거나
무테로 그려본다거나.. :)

꽤나 일관적이지 못하고 산만해보일수도 있는데..
이것도 이거만의 보는 재미가 있지 않나요? :D

게다가 지난 1년동안 그려왔던 그림들을 죄다 올려놔서
그림체에도 많은 변화가 있을거에요! ;D
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Nice job blue sky ;3
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Applejack is so awesome.. and she just looks badass here. Ok listen to this scenario Mrs.1989: It's a new reboot of MLP. There's a new group of mane six ponies who are discovering their own friendships and their destinies in the world. One day while fighting the new evil forces in Equestria, it seems as though theyve lost and are about to be taken out. SUDDENLY a rope shoots out of nowhere and the monster takes a beating. The newbies look up and to their surprise, they see a legendary figure from Equestria's past making ^ THIS POSE!. APPLEJACK! Except she's all grown up and a super badass. Seriously. This needs to be an episode.
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Yeah, I've always imagine about 'next generation ponies'.. and your story is good enough to make some episode :D
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God, I love hoofboots so much...
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Wow! This looks good. Nice to to hear that Korean bronies are increasing in number!
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Cute and badass! :D
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Wow, really beautiful, love it <3

But im curious now...what does it mean in english? Especially the letters in blue...
I dont care if you would just use an online-translator, im sure its still understandable =)
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'푸른하늘' means 'Bluesky' in Korean :)

It is my original nickname in Korea fan site, and I'm using it as a signature :D
Thanks for asking.

And I also thanks for other guys who is answering this question before I knew it. :blowkiss:
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Oh, neat =)

I was hoping she says something naughty do Rainbow, but its nonetheless a great pic <3

So thank you..
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That's simply Korean transcription of "Applejack," i.e. if you said that word
in Korean, it'd sound like "Applejack." :)
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...and you...
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Look at my reply to mrs1989 and then at my reply to ~StudsandPierces, then you get:

"So thank you..
...and you...
...and you for the translaton!"

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The black letters are just a pronunciation of "Applejack" and the blue letters mean blue sky.
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..and you for the translation =)
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I also have that same question.
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Awesome! Tottaly love it
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