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My old pic :)
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That's gorgeous
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She is so pretty without her hairband. Still Lyra is best pony but.... AJ is not a background pony and so she's better than lyraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 
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Daww! She's being all pretty. ^_^
High-Field-Brony's avatar
This is reeeeeeaaaaaaly cute! Like 7 x 497668 = a large number, and then that large number would be Applejacks cuteness on the scale of 1-10! That is how cute
Jacobellinger's avatar
there is  something I like about seeing this work pony just relaxing under a tree with a carefree look on her face  as she absently lets down her hair. very well done artwork you did.
I-DigAPony's avatar
I'm working on a fanfic right now. This would be from Twilight's POV as her heart is breaking. I can't tell you how moving I find this piece. Thank you.
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Flash Fire: Hello Applejack. Dragonking17: Dude your married! Flash Fire: Not in this time line pale. 
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o-my-gosh! this is too adorable. Watch out fluttershy,
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it like realistic.


Lecajunloupbleu's avatar
Elle est très belle!
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I really love how you captured this moment. Feels great, and looks amazing!
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She's so cute~ I want to give her a hug!
Cd749's avatar
Stunning work :D
g-master-artist's avatar
how is she tying her hair?!?!0_0
Jacobellinger's avatar
very good  question. come to think of it there  are lots of odd things like this in the actual show. like ponies lifting a ball with one hoof. or sipping from tea glasses.  If you gave me the time I could think of some more but my point being that it's not that odd but I agree it is probably impossible.
g-master-artist's avatar
lel.. maybe true.. but then again.. they are accustomed to their hooves like we are to our hands.. so they may have found a way.. though not like this.. not saying the picture is bad or anything
Jacobellinger's avatar
well I know that there are people with no hands that can roll there own cigarettes with just the arm stubs.
Vincifrisco's avatar
Awesome picture!
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