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Hey if you want to check out some tunes from my band you can do that here…
It's not much but,,, we're working on new stuff! 
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Hello hello! :meow:

So for my birthday I got some awesome presents, including great drawing tools. I really wanted to try them, so I started drawing! This remembered me how much fun it is, so I'm going to draw more in the future. It's relaxing, it's fun, and now I can improve my skills again. :)

Also; me & my band 'November Comes First' have recorded our song ''Behind These Walls''
If you want to hear it, here you go! ->…

All I need to do now is separating my free time in making music and drawing. Oh and doing other stuff like chilling with friends and going to parties etc.

I'll be fine xx
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So :iconmewmew6: and I made a cover of Slip Into Blue - Blood Red Shoes.…

And they left a comment! :D
We're so happy. c:

Note: the guitar was a bit out of tune, sorry..
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Hello guys!…
Here's a sneak preview of a yet unfinished song of my band. It's not much -only the chorus-, but just wait a little longer for the whole song! We're working hard. :meow:
Vocals: :iconmewmew6:
Acoustic Guitar & Backing vocals: Me.

If you're like: ''Meh Ming stop making music, go make drawings mehmehmeh'' I have good news for you! It's almost Christmas and I'll have loads of time to improve my drawing skills again! :happybounce:

It's time for me to go now, See you guys soon.
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That's the name of my new band. I'M SO EXCITED HURHURHRURHURHRUR. :happybounce:
So if you read this, please go to facebook and like our page! ;3
You won't regret it. Or maybe you will. I hope not though.

So yes, that's kinda the reason that I haven't submitted art for a very long time.
But I'm feeling creative so in a few days I'll probably submit some shitty drawings. ^^
Or some good ones. That would be lovely too.

~Sayonara guys.
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Hey guys!

Don't worry! I'm not dead or something. :D
I know I haven't posted new art or photos for a pretty long time, I haven't even given that much comments!
I was lazy and only favourite a bunch of drawings from active artists. xD
Well actually I WASN'T lazy! I was very busy. U see, school started 'nd stuff, it makes me nervous. I already have a full schedule and it's just my 2nd week! D:

I also started a new band with 3 good friends, including :iconmewmew6:
We're going to make music like Foo Fighters and Cherri Bomb, we already have some freaking awesome songs. c:
So now I'm busy with my new band too, I have less time to draw!
(btw we don't have a band name yet, any suggestions?) :)

Anyways, I'm gonna try to draw some more, or submit some lovely pictures.
Please give me some time. ^_^

Sayonara guys~

(There's probably no one who's interested in my shitty journal but I'm writing it anyways.)
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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 4:24 AM

''Distant stars
Come in black or red
I've seen their worlds
Inside my head

They connect
With the fall of man
They breathe you in
And dive as deep as they can

There's nothing you can do for them
They are the force between
When the sunlight is arising

There's nothing you can say to him
He is an outer heart
And the space has been broken''


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Yay c:

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 2:12 AM

Yay for my journal skin! :happybounce:
It's probably a skin that many Deviants use, but I don't care!

Sayonara guys.

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I was dared by :iconcrypticengravings: sooo,

Comment and I will:

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4. Ask you a question.

5. Tell you something I like about you.

6. Give you a nickname.

7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.

8. Dare you to post this in your journal.
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I just wanted to say: School is almost over! :D Not forever tho. xD
That also means I'll be able to draw a lot more! I'm defenitely going to draw soooooo much. ^^
Because I'm so busy with school 'nd stuff, I really have no time for myself. Now I can finally improve my drawing skills.
Wohoo! :heart:
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So I wanted to use some of those cute little stamps but...
How do I use them?!!?!?!? I have no idea D:
*feels stupid*
Help please :c
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