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"how many times can you break a heart?" was the original title but it didn't fit it
inspired by :iconfishydana: she's like way better than me at this kind of stuff
aaanyway....i was feeling kinda down these days and i had to put this in something and this came out. the sketch has ben floating around my sketchbook for quite a while i tried to do something with it..
personal piece...dunno why i decided to make it a wallpaper..
enjoy :heart:
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100th parson 2 comment !
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Thats really inspirational. Im new but i've been drawing for....lets seeeeeeeee 5 years now? Anyways it great and I love it.
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i like it so much it's the bast wallpaper ever
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Beautifully rendered! very deep and p0werful. I like this one AL0T. yOu shOuld check-out: [] 4Lots of Sweet art & other designer go0dies.
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gave me a glossy kind of feeling, :joy:

great job !:love:
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I'm glad you like it :)
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it's a well done wallpaper as well as a start. everyone has their own style which was derived/inspired by someone else's work, now you'll develope your own.

good luck and keep it up.
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The wallpaper is a blank.
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I like this wallpaper !
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pretty! :3 nice wallpaper!!
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Beautiful, this was just what i was looking for, THANKS!!! :heart: :D
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This has been featured here. :)
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