Still Life Photography Holiday Contest!
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Hey everyone!

To celebrate the holidays, CRPhotography has decided to host a special, month-long contest surrounding its monthly theme, but with a twist! This month we're focusing on Still Life, so we'd like to host a special Holiday contest in which we challenge you to produce some holiday related still life photography for a chance to win some awesome prizes! :la:

What is Still Life photography?

"Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects." But really, it's much more than that. When you're creating a Still Life photograph, you have to pay attention to the arrangement you're making. A good composition is key. You can't really just plop a plate of ice cream, take a snapshot of it, and call it a day. Still Life takes careful planning and extensive attention to detail. And the background is just as important as the foreground! You should pay attention to the environment you choose and the atmosphere it creates. You can't just plop a beautiful array of food and decorations on a messy counter-top and call it a day, either. Here are some examples to help you understand what we're looking for:

Merry Christmas by caithness155 Chocolate Ginger Christmas Cupcakes by claremanson Christmas Mood by MirageGourmand ..Christmas.. by fruitpunch1
Danbo's First Christmas by Lady-Tori Merry Christmas! by OliviaMichalski <da:thumb id="341732895"/> Miku Append on Christmas Day by kixkillradio

What are the rules?

  • You may only submit 1 entry to this contest.
  • Your entry should be submitted via comment on this journal (simply include a thumbnail).
  • Your entry must be a photograph and must be new; specifically taken for this contest from the 10th of December to the 10th of January. (Please include correct exif data when submitting onto DA if possible. If you upload as jpeg and don't fiddle with the exif data, it's usually there)
  • Your entry must be a Still Life photograph, and must be submitted to the Still Life gallery here on DeviantArt.
  • Your entry must be related to a December/January holiday in one way or another. i.e: Christmas, Hanukkah, New years', Kwanzaa, etc. If you feel your photograph needs an explanation to be understood as holiday themed, please include said explanation in the description of your deviation.
  • For those interested in submitting a Food/Drink entry, it is fine if you did not make the food or drink you photograph. You must however, be the photographer of the good. Also, we have some special prizes for those who submit a particularly interesting food/drink item they've personally made.
  • Please abide by DeviantArt rules and policy; nothing offensive or hateful will be accepted.

What is the deadline?

The contest begins on December 10th and will end on January 10th at 11:59PM PST (Pacific Time).

What are the prizes?

1st place:

3 month core membership or the equivalent in :points: from Moonbeam13
Print of your choice from shop up to $30 in value OR the choice of 1 T-Shirt from @deviantartgear
3 month core membership from hosagu
400 :points: from OfOneSoul

100 :points: from nadjagarnet
100 :points: from JunkbyJen
100 :points: from C-91
50 :points: from Unkopierbar
A journal feature from CRPhotography
A journal feature from JunkbyJen
A journal feature from pearwood

2nd place:

1 month core membership from hosagu 
800 :points: from Moonbeam13 
200 :points: from morbidman187 
200 :points: from OfOneSoul
100 :points: from nadjagarnet
100 :points: from C-91
50 :points: from JunkbyJen
35 :points: from Unkopierbar
A journal feature from CRPhotography 
A journal feature from JunkbyJen
A journal feature from pearwood

3rd place:

1 month core membership from hosagu
400 :points: from Moonbeam13 
200 :points: from morbidman187 
200 :points: from OfOneSoul
100 :points: from nadjagarnet
100 :points: from C-91
25 :points: from JunkbyJen
15 :points: from Unkopierbar
A journal feature from CRPhotography 
A journal feature from JunkbyJen
A journal feature from pearwood

:bulletred: There is a bonus prize of 200 :points: plus a special place on CRPhotography's front page, for anyone who submits a Food and Drink entry that they have made themselves, with a particularly interesting/creative recipe.

Honorable Mentions (for the runner-ups who still deserve a little something!)

100 :points: from nadjagarnet
200 :points: from Mrs-Durden 
200 :points: from OfOneSoul
800 :points: from hosagu

*points will be divided equally, based on the number of honorable mentions we choose to give.

Who are the judges?

Mrs-Durden, taweille, theresahelmer, Daykiney, JenFruzz, 3wyl, hosagu, nadjagarnet, morbidman187, STelari, JunkbyJen, OfOneSoul, pearwood, C-91, DistortedSmile and more amazing judges are to come!

Would you like to offer prizes to this contest, or help judge it? Please send us a note at CRPhotography!

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Ya-u's avatar
Ya-uProfessional Photographer
I hope I'm not too late to enter! I think I still have time (Sorry I'm not in the Pacific time zone, so I'm not sure. X////X)

Here's my entry. ^^…

Thank you! Merry Christmas!!
Morusia's avatar
MorusiaHobbyist Photographer
Baby Jesus by Morusia
OliviaMichalski's avatar
OliviaMichalskiHobbyist Photographer
There you go! Taken on December 23rd, uploaded now :aww:
Belated Yummyness. by OliviaMichalski

Thank you for this opportunity! :hug:
Egil21's avatar
Here is my entry Follow the Light by Egil21 Happy New Year!
ZephyraMilie's avatar
ZephyraMilie Photographer
Here is my entry:…

Thanks and good luck everyone!
Avencherus's avatar
Looking good so far.  I'll have to find something recent.
Mrs-Durden's avatar
Mrs-DurdenHobbyist Photographer
Only 3 days left :D
Avencherus's avatar
Well fortunately it snowed today, and I endured much finger numbness with so so success.  I hope this qualifies for entry.  X)
lipeteixeira's avatar
lipeteixeiraHobbyist Artist
I don't know how post a thumbnail, so I just put the link. Is there any problem?
Mrs-Durden's avatar
Mrs-DurdenHobbyist Photographer
Nope, as long as you left a link to your submission it's all good :)
lipeteixeira's avatar
lipeteixeiraHobbyist Artist
Tks! Where can I find the results?
tlbauder1987's avatar
tlbauder1987Hobbyist Photographer
Here is my entry for the contest. 
Airplane Ornament by tlbauder1987    
cloe-may's avatar
cloe-may Photographer
Hi, I'd like to participate with
mason jar cookies by cloe-patra  :)
Argolith's avatar
ArgolithHobbyist Photographer
Here's my entry for the contest:

A Christmas Still Life by Argolith
eyeluvroses's avatar
eyeluvrosesHobbyist Photographer
This was taken out beside the swimming pool after Christmas celebrations night before    Tropicana 2 by eyeluvroses
Asprika's avatar
AsprikaHobbyist Photographer
Happy New year everyone! I am a dummy! Heart 

Here is my entry to the contest: Honey Gingerbread house
Corinne-Michelle's avatar
Corinne-MichelleHobbyist General Artist
My entry to the contest:…
Rudekaiser87's avatar
Rudekaiser87Hobbyist Photographer
Want to enter this hope it works first time doing this.…

Marloeshi's avatar
My entry for the contest.  Happy new year everybody! :)
Sparkly mood II by Marloeshi
AfricanObserver's avatar
AfricanObserverHobbyist Photographer
After Christmas by AfricanObserver
PassionAndTheCamera's avatar
PassionAndTheCameraHobbyist Photographer
This is my entry:
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