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By Mrs-Durden
This September CRPhotography will be continuing its official monthly themes in which a photography category is spotlighted by us for the entire month. What does this mean? On top of our monthly contest, we will be posting interviews, features, Q&A's, and more, all centered around our monthly theme. September's theme is:


However, we need your help and input!


Who would you like to see interviewed from the Street photography gallery? What specific questions would you like them to answer?


Would you consider yourself a specialist of Street photography? If so, would you be willing to contribute articles on tips and tricks, tutorials, or features for CRPhotography ? If so, please send us a noteIf you'd rather just contribute some tips without writing out an article, feel free to also shoot us a note with whatever advice you may have!

General Tips and Hints?

Would you consider yourself a specialist of any photography gallery? If so, would you be willing to be an "on-call" specialist for CRPhotography? This would mean we could contact you to help answer questions our members may have, and possibly ask you to write up tutorials or offer other resources to our members. If you would be interested, please send us a note!


Is there anything else you would like us to cover this September for Street photography? If so, just leave a comment here, or send us a note!

Future themes:

  • October: Animals, Plants, and Nature
  • November: Macro
  • December: Still Life
  • January: People and Portraits
  • February: Darkroom

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Some of my favorite street photography comes from arianeka and pigarot :meow: I would love to see any input from them!
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oooooh! interesting ^^
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Mmh, you know what?! I guess this monthly theme interests me quite a bit =P
:woohoo: :party:
C'mon people, Devious Artists from Deviant Lands! Gather and join to celebrate this part of photography which rocks!!! :la: 

:shifty: Nonono, I'm not saying this because I'm the street CV! Nonono =P
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Ha - I read the title as "September Street"! This should be an interesting month.
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