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Photography Exposed is a series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! TanyaSimpsonMrs-Durden and arbitrarynamechange are going to be exposing the popular and not so popular galleries within the main Photography gallery here at DeviantArt. For this edition we're looking at People & Portraits > Emotive, a gallery that can sometimes be misinterpreted.

What is it?

Photographs of people showing an artistic insight into either the subject's or the photographer's life and personality.

As the name and description suggests, insight into some form of emotion or personality trait should be apparent. If your portrait is just that, a portrait of someone with no intent to depict anything other than just the subject, you probably want to stick it under Classic portraits, or Fashion if the focus is on the styling or clothing. There can be some overlap though, an emotive portrait could also possibly be expressive, for example.

*** by Tarasov
Rooted Melancholy Thoughts by NataliaDrepina
Life lays in your heart like in a coffin by AlexandrinaAna

*** by aleksesss

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Where I urge you to not just dump all your portraits into the Emotive gallery...
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Stratox Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So much talent here, what a wonderful work!
AlexandrinaAna Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016   Photographer
Thank you :heart:
PaMonk Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Professional Artist
Wonderful feature they are so Beautiful.
ElyneNoir Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Great explanation and lovely examples :)
MurcMarischal Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the insight.
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