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Dear members,

We'd like to invite you to participate in our monthly contest! June's theme at CRPhotography is Architecture Photography and therefore our contest will be based on this. From now on instead of just having the theme of the contest be a "Category" we will be making more specific prompts. Please read the info below to find out how to participate!

The Prompt:

Take a photograph of the interior or exterior of an architectural structure in black and white or monochrome.


Bullet; Pink You must be a member of CRPhotography to participate.

Bullet; Pink You may submit 1 photograph to this contest, and it must be NEW: created AFTER the date this journal was posted.

Bullet; Pink You must submit your photograph to this favorites folder for review.

Bullet; Pink Your photograph must belong to the Architecture Photography gallery

Bullet; Pink Please include in the description of your deviation that your photograph is an entry to CRPhotography monthly contest.


One winner will be chosen and they will receive a 6 month core membership or the equivalent in Points


The deadline is June 30th at 11h59PM Pacific Time.

Some examples for inspiration:

<da:thumb id="64638307"/>  The Eyrie by lostknightkg  Chez Salah by roon1305  In the Mirrors by endegor
Mosque by DaniRDA by SCR-RBBT  Karuna IV by Pajunen  Inside what's within behind by beldonga
<da:thumb id="84898849"/>  up by arbebuk  Neboticnik staircase by luka567  In the jaws of light by Alshain4
<da:thumb id="176343273"/>  Circumvolution II by hugovanmalle  British Museum by paweldomaradzki

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Thanks for the feature :)