CRP Features: Volume 18

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Dear members,

Welcome to the CRP Features - a journal wherein Community Volunteers and members of CRPhotography share some of their favourite photographs. Since the group no longer does monthly themes, these journals will typically cover all Photography galleries. Although I might do some "special editions" around holidays or other events.

I hope you enjoy this series, and please be sure to check out the deviants showcased below!

Community Volunteer Features:

@morbidman187's selections:

A Meal For Two

"A great macro shot, capturing the tiny details in each bee and keeping both in just the right focus."

Segla Panorama

"Taken at a nice time of day, showing the shadows and darker areas adding to the depth and shape of the landscape."

@TokyoMoonlight's selections:


"Simply beautiful! Love the relaxed state of the pair."


"Cool looking viking? Check. Cool looking make-up on a viking? Check. An all in all perfect looking viking photo. :D "

Blossom Whisper

"Pure simplicity. What do you need to make an impression on the viewer?Just a little bit of a blossom whisper. :giggle: "

Above the small harbor

"Love the bird perspective. The boats and the scenery look like they would be artificial. Like it's one of those artisan crafts sculptures made out of clay :o And the orange color in combination with the green foliage makes it even more interesting to look at."

all the downs

"Love the composition and the loneliness / abandonment vibe it gives."

@ElyneNoir's selections:

Metallic Beetle II

"Metallic Beetle II by dalantech is a gorgeous, sharp and colourful macro and I love how many details there are to discover!"


"I like the simplicity, the colour scheme and the serene atmosphere in *** by MariaBabintseva"


"Untitled by FiorOf looks so delicious and the arrangement looks pleasingly organic and natural."

Members' Features:

@LawrenceCornellPhoto's selections:

Birch trees
Segla Panorama
My mind's already there
Evening grasses I
Victoria Panorama
the way
The Queen's Visit
The Clock Is Striking Up Prettily At The Hours

@sannwald's selections:

Monk at Studies
The Heart of Darkness
stormy cloud
Nocturnal Contemplations
Lion's sweet dream
Golden Brown
When the peacock has goosebumps

@davincipoppalag's selection:

The River Boat 2.
Beauty at night -  to all my Russian friends
Simple Beautys

@robjoeol's selections:

Australian Summer
zicke zacke huehnerkacke
Seoul 36
aye aye
Selfie Stick Deluxe
Omoide Yokochou
Do What You Love
Distorted Shadows
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g r e a t . w o r k s . =)

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great feature!

thank you for adding my work!

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Awesome. Not overly many contributions, but these are special or right up my alley. :aww:Excellent one!

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Thank you so much for putting together this feature and for including one of my photos! These are some high quality photos, so it is an honor to have one of my bug photos among their ranks.

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Thanks for featuring my work!

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Thank you very much for including my photo :)

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Yay, browsing through featured deviations on a journal is still bugged. I wish they'd fixed it already, it's been two months FFS.

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My warmest thx for mentioning my drone picture !💚
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Thanks Dave for including one of my photos for this feature...Much appreciated! Thumbs up parrot

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All of them are so perfect.I love the way they capture everything is the picture.

Like the feeling and meaning!:w00t:

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Thank you so much for including my photos! :)

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