Bi-Monthly Shenanigans #3: The Apocalypse

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At projecteducate we're trying a new type of regular mini contests of sorts where we encourage you to tap into your creative juices and produce some form of art, related to a specific theme or prompt. If you have any recommendations or thoughts on types of contests or challenges you'd like to see, please let us know! The point is that these are quick little contests that also challenge your ability to produce something quickly, so don't fret, we are not expecting masterpieces that would normally take you a month or more to produce.


Produce a piece of art, whether it be a poem, a painting, a photo, a sketch, etc, that is related to the concept of the apocalypse. The apocalypse is defined as "the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation" but it does not need to be religious. Basically create a piece of any art medium somehow related to the end of the world, you can interpret this in many many ways, you could create a piece related to preparing for the apocalypse, during it, after it, showing the human side, the perspective from space, the cause of the apocalypse, just let your imagination run wild.


  • Your deviation must be NEW - created AND posted after the posting of this journal.
  • Your deviation must be submitted via comment on this journal.
  • Your deviation should link this journal in its description.
  • If it is not already clear, your deviation should be accompanied by a brief comment explaining how it relates to the prompt.


Tuesday June 20th at 11h59 PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)


1 winner will be chosen and receive either a 3 month core membership or 1200 Points
ALL entries will be featured in the announcement journal of the winner.

Winner Challenge #2:

Thorned Heart brooch by RibbonsandClay

Thorned Heart brooch by RibbonsandClay

All other entries to Challenge #2:

We were very happy to see many entries to challenge #2, if you have suggestions on prompts you'd like us to use in future issues of this challenge, please leave your ideas as a comment on this journal!

Unrequited Love by DrKrzy La Voz de DoloresI've been trained to wait for scraps
of attention, an affection so sparse that
a look in my direction was downright poetry,
it was a taste of music in a silent world
I would hold out for the very last note,
feast on its echoes, feel satisfied and
empty and hungry for more, always more
and that was my shame, wasn't it?
That I could and would watch her eat,
glutted from the meal of my devotions,
but when she let me lick the spoon
I thought maybe she loved me too.
Unrequited love by GeorgeXVII The Last Rose by Secretadmires She'd wed him never by DelilahHyuuga238
A love like the universe - CE by LadyMalvoliosander Silver RunAlong the county line, adjoining
corridors of sweet tobacco
and sorghm, a river twirls -
shifting red clay, stones gleam
beneath the current.
I remain silt;
tossed in her
Unrequited Love by KaidaYinThyme <da:thumb id="683153748"/>

Mature Content

Unrequited Love by Milki-Moon

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Congrats to all the winner!:rose: