BIG CHRISTMAS RAFFLE: + 10,000 points and art

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By Mrs-Durden
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BB-8 Christmas by StarSoulArt

Hey guys,

It's become a tradition for me to do a really big Christmas raffle every year. I'm super grateful for the people who donate to it, and it's always super exciting to see how huge the raffle gets and how happy the winners are every year. So...the tradition continues on...please read this journal carefully!

How to enter:

  1. Be a watcher of my account (new watchers welcome)
  2. Add this journal to your favourites
  3. Share this journal on DeviantArt (status, poll, journal, etc)
  4. Leave a comment saying "All done!" and include a link to your "share" from step 3.


  • You cannot enter multiple times with multiple accounts, trust me, I'll figure it out.
  • If you go back on any of the requirements to enter (by unwatching, deleting your sharing of this journal, etc) you will be disqualified from this raffle and any future raffles I do. (of course I mean this within reason, if you choose to unwatch me months from now it doesn't matter)

Extra tickets:

You'll get (+1) ticket for donating a prize to the raffle, but I will only be accepting artwork/services, core memberships or points (if the prize is Points it'll need to be at least 100)

You'll get (+1) ticket for tagging 3 people who would be interested in the raffle in the comments on this journal. :police: (it must be people who were not previously tagged or who did not already enter the raffle. it also must be active accounts, don't tag someone who hasn't logged in within the last month)

TO TAG PEOPLE PUT @ IN FRONT OF THEIR USERNAME (or a :dev tag, or :icon tag), otherwise they do not receive a notification if you use an href link...

How does the winner get picked, is it fair?

I'll be assigning a number (or multiple numbers for those who do extra tickets) to each of you which I will let you know about by replying to your comment, and then I will use one of those handy dandy online random number generators and that's how the winner will be chosen! 100% fair.

I will be actively checking if you followed all of the steps and rules, so please carefully make sure you did everything required :) (Smile)

The Prizes:

1st winner:

2,000 :points: from Mrs-Durden 
1,000 :points: from BloodyWing 
1,000 :points: from Erzsabet
500 :points: from ov3 (already donated to me, so I'll send them to the winner)
500 :points: from Thiefoworld 
500 :points: from GeorgeXVII 
500 :points: from niivu (already donated to me, so I'll send them to the winner)
100 :points: from BGai 
Total: 6,100 :points:

1 mystery commission from Astralseed (you give her a character or subject and she creates artwork in the style and medium of her choice)*

1 fractal commission from BGai, done as closely to your preference as possible (flower, spirals, geometric shapes, etc.) OR a nature photograph (birds or flowers)*

1 commission from silverheart-nine*

1 commission from Iduna-Haya (a 2-hour commission, amount of detail will depend on the request)*

1 coloured digital sketch from Domaex*

1 headshot from Seventeen76*

2nd winner:

2,000 :points: from morbidman187 
500 :points: from Mouselemur 
500 :points: from ov3 (already donated to me, so I'll send them to the winner)
500 :points: from Yuukon 
300 :points: from craftsbyblue 
200 :points: from TokyoMoonlight (already donated to me, so I'll send them to the winner)

150 :points: from StargazeAndSundance 
100 :points: from C-91 (already donated to me, so I'll send them to the winner)

100 :points: from Dinobolt6 
Total: 4,350 :points:

1 flatcolor headshop commission of any species by SirSullivan*

1 portrait commission from Nelidian*

1 sketch page from WhiteRose2132*

1 headshot from Seventeen76*

1 digital fullbody, coloured sketch, coloured headshot from Pupfluffuwu*

1 cake badge and 1 llama from GeorgeXVII 

*Examples of Astralseed's work:
C020 - ASS Zephyr by Astralseed  Inktober 03 - Bait by Astralseed  1553 - ASS Nova by Astralseed

*Examples of BGai's work:

Challenge Flower by BGai  Wildflower 28-10-18 by BGai  Taking care of each other by BGai

*Examples of silverheart-nine's work:

SATURATION INTENSIFIES by silverheart-nine  cri by silverheart-nine

*Examples of Iduna-Haya's work:

Always by Iduna-Haya  The Power Within - Prints (now available!) by Iduna-Haya

*Example of SirSullivan's work:
i pack a little pistol on my pistol belt by SirSullivan

*Examples of Nelidian's work:

<da:thumb id="817308111"/> <da:thumb id="806382372"/> <da:thumb id="821493055"/> <da:thumb id="795037283"/>

*Example of sketch page by WhiteRose2132:

Sketch page:Shaygyar by WhiteRose2132

*Examples of Domaex's work:

Color Comp by Domaex  3i by Domaex

*Examples of Seventeen76's work:

  Comission #1 by Seventeen76

*Examples of Pupfluffuwu's work:

<da:thumb id="3358463573088404"/>  <da:thumb id="5247147829232272"/>  



The numbers I drew for the winners are as follows:

The first winner, who wins all prizes under "1st winner" is number 20, aka ChaosFay!

The second winner, who wins all prizes under "2nd winner" is number 100, aka EvaMissTopia!

Screenshots here.

:star: Everyone who donated prizes, please do everything to communicate with the winners on their prizes and the time needed to provide commissions, etc. Winners, if you don't hear from one of the prize donators, please reach out to them about your prize. If after a week you don't hear anything back from them, let me know!

:police: REMINDER, failing to provide the prize you donated results in you being banned from any future raffle of mine.

:star: As for points, I'll be donating all the points that were sent to me by the donators, as indicated above. The rest of the points are to be donated by the person named above as a donator.

:star: Winners: if you won a prize that you do not want, you can donate it to someone else who entered this raffle (see comments on the journal) who might want it (if the donator agrees to this), or you can agree with the donator to skip the prize.

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Congrats to the winners!!

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Congratulations ChaosFay and EvaMissTopia 

Thanks Mrs-Durden for holding the raffle :)
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WOOT!!!  Thank you!
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Aww thankyou so so much! Note sent! ~💕
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Congrats to the winners owo :'D
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Congrats to the winners!  :party:
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You are welcome :)!
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Congrats winners! :party:

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Congrats to the winners! :happybounce:
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Congrats to the winners!
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Congratulations to ChaosFay and EvaMissTopia!!
Points given and note sent :)
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Congratulations ChaosFay and EvaMissTopia!

ChaosFay , please contact me about your prize (a 2-hour commission, the amount of detail will depend on the request. I can only draw landscapes or humanoids) when you're ready ^^
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Thank you!  Note has been sent.
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This raffle is closed
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ohh- oof, thanks for telling me! ^^

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