All Mediums Contest: 10 years from now

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Dear members,

projecteducate is happy to announce yet another contest that is open to all art mediums! This time around our prompt is related to the recent 18th Birthday of DeviantArt! Find out more by reading all the information below:

The Prompt:

No matter how old we are, we all have goals, aspirations and visions for our future. For this contest, I'd like you to reflect on where you would like your life to be in 10 years. I want you to create a piece of art that somewhat represents you and your life in ten years. It does not need to be in an obvious way, for example it doesn't need to be a portrait of you in the future, or a drawing of your future mansion, or anything like that. It could be something more profound, like perhaps a painting representing what you will have accomplished, or a sculpture of a lotus flower to represent the spiritual awakening you hope to have gone through. What I'm saying is, there are many ways to approach this theme, and it does not need to be in a very literal/obvious manner. Though of course, we still need to understand the relation of your entry with the contest theme. As such, feel free to write a brief description to your entry to explain it.

The Rules:

  • Your entry must be a NEW artwork created AFTER this journal was created, specifically for the purpose of this contest
  • Your entry can be of ANY art medium. No restrictions
  • To submit your entry to this contest, please link the URL to your deviation in a comment on this journal
  • Please include in the description of your deviation that it is an entry to this contest.

The Prizes: 

1st place: 6 month core + 2000 points

2nd place: 3 month core + 1000 points

3rd place: 1 month core + 500 points

The Deadline:

September 5th at 11:59PM PST (Los Angeles)

© 2018 - 2020 Mrs-Durden
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lovemyscarsHobbyist Photographer
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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist
My entry, 15 minutes before deadline (wonder if LA time is actually PDT..). :eager:

Arrival / Inward Alignment v.2.C1 Magenta by SlytherclawPadawan  

If multiple entries is allowed (basically the same only a bit different in elements):

Arrival / Inward Alignment v.1.A1 Magenta 
Arrival / Inward Alignment v.1.B1 Magenta 
Arrival / Inward Alignment v.1.C1 Magenta 
Arrival / Inward Alignment v.2.A1 Magenta 
Arrival / Inward Alignment v.2.B1 Magenta 
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got my entry here:
in 10 years by Kirasel
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MelMuffHobbyist General Artist
Here is my entry. I did originally plan to write an entire song but I put this off and then my life become an emotional roler coaster for the past week. I will post a journal about my ordeal at a later date. So a short haiku is all I had time for. Enjoy! :) I hope 10 years from now that I will continue to be writing songs.

All Mediums Contest: 10 years from now - EntrydeviantART is the best
Always evolving
Writing songs is my forte
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AntheaStonesHobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my entry :D
Finding Yourself by AntheaStones
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lapaowanHobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my entry

It's still raining by lapaowan
VictorLincolnPine's avatar
VictorLincolnPineProfessional Digital Artist
Here is my entry, it signifies a future that is not my own, rather instead, it is a future for all of us.
                                          The Future is Waiting by VictorLincolnPine
Roy3D's avatar
At my age I'll just be pleased if I'm still here!!  :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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SaraMohsenHobbyist Traditional Artist
wait for me , !
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CherallaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there. Here's my entry:

Future by Cheralla
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BellaGBearStudent Artisan Crafter
Here is my entry :) 

Ten years from now I'll be a tree by BellaGBear  
craftsbyblue's avatar
craftsbyblueHobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my entry:

Golden Lotus by craftsbyblue

Thank you for hosting another wonderful contest :thanks:!
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TheSmileyDinosaurHobbyist Writer

Here is my entry :)

Right NowRight now,
There are pieces of me
That will be part of who I’ll be
Because I’m always becoming.
Right now,
There are dreams in my mind
That, later, won’t seem as kind
Because my dreams are always growing.
Right now,
My love may burn
But my heart has much to learn
Because love is always humbling.
Right now,
As I create
I build chances to relate
Because creation is always connecting.
Right now,
My work for change
Will make the world less strange
Because our works are always rippling.
Right now,
My question:  why?
Will let me see beyond my eyes
Because answers always lead to asking.
Right now,
I am alive and free
And when you die, you are who you’ll be
Because living means always becoming
More than you are.

I thought about this a lot. So much can change in a day, let alone in ten years. On the one hand, it's hard to know where you might be... but on the other hand, you're already on your way there. Ten years is filled with potential. I know that what I'm doing right now is going to be part of who I am. I also know that every day of my life will be spent living and becoming. Realistically, I think this is what we all do every day. We are making our future now.
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QuijukaHobbyist Digital Artist
My dream is to take a year off, to be able to travel around the world. Without plans, without haste, without having to think that I have to go back ...

Travel by Quijuka
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TheStockWarehouseHobbyist General Artist
I just laughed when I read the contest goal. I thought, maybe I could submit a tombstone? With all my medical issues I'll be dang lucky to be alive in ten years :laughing: :tombstone:
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imminimanHobbyist Digital Artist
Once again, great idea for a contest :thumbsup:

Here's my entry:
Direction in Life by imminiman
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RibbonsandClayHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Butterflies and ladybugs ( red and pink version ) by RibbonsandClay   This is my entry :)
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CakeMess101Student Digital Artist
In Ten Years by CakeMess101
I know that i will regress into working small jobs instead of using my art in the future, as you can see the gate is locked and the key is on the other side
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MaweewolfProfessional General Artist
Hi I made some small changes in lightning and contrast to my entry below, is this ok as it's still within the time frame?
Mrs-Durden's avatar
Mrs-DurdenHobbyist Photographer
Maweewolf's avatar
MaweewolfProfessional General Artist
Ok great thankyou :happybounce:
Maweewolf's avatar
MaweewolfProfessional General Artist
Journeys by Maweewolf
My work Journeys
I have made some small changes to the main file just lightning and contrast. I hope this is ok as it's still within the time frame.
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