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It was Violet that woke up first. She felt around for her covers. It was after all fall and her apartment didn't exactly get the best heating in the world. Yet she couldn't feel them and it began to settle that she was perfectly warm without them. Then she became aware that she was not wearing clothes. Normally Violet wore a gown, shorts, or jammies, pretty much almost always SOMETHING when she went to bed alone. Pretty much the only time she slept naked was with a lover and she certainly-had-no....lover?
There was indeed someone laying closer to her, on her left side. Against her ribs she felt the sleeper's stomach taking and expelling air, she heard the sleeper's soft breathing. As Vio's eyes began to adjust to the darkness, and she was beginning to suspect this was not her apartment, she could make out that the form next to her was not the broader shape that fit her pervious lovers. It was more slender, smaller, rather than hands
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I woke up screaming.

I glanced around, only seeing grass on the ground all around me. I tried to sit up, to survey my surroundings - not by eye, but by sense - but a dizzy spell overtook me and I found myself on the ground again, curling up into a fetal position on the ground, crying softly. 

Suddenly I heard a voice... "Come..."

The voice was calling to me, calling me over. But over to where?

"Come, isabel..."

It knew my name? I found myself suddenly on my feet, running somewhere. If only I could see again, it would make things easier!

Soon I heard the sound of snapping twigs and howling winds. I realized then that I must be in the woods. But where was I going? Was there even anything in the woods that I could be running towards?

"You have to pay..."

My eyes widened. What had I done? And what exactly was I paying for?

"You must pay the price... your price!"

Had my so called mother done this? Now she had to torture me in the human realm too? The thought of it made me shake to my bones as I kept on running through the cold, wintery woods.

It was silent all of a sudden. I'd stopped running, and was now leaning against something. I felt it. Wood, maybe? Was I leaning against a door? And to what?

Without thinking, I pushed on the wool harder, suddenly giving a sharp cry of surprise as I fell forward into the entryway of the structure. The floor was stone cold, and I made no hesitation in standing. Oh, how I wished I could see the scene around me. Shivering, I took a few shaky steps forward into the room.

And that's when I heard it. Growling and snarling, coming from the left side of me, accompanied by some screaming. Then I heard clanking and slamming along the ground, as if there were something hopping along the ground, in a desperate attempt to get away from the snarling beast.

"What happened?!" cried a woman's voice. "Why have we changed back again?!"

"I don't know!" cried a young man. "I thought the curse was long over!"

"And to think, the Prince has gone back to the Beast he thought was buried away forever. And we spent so long restoring the castle to it's former glory!" said an older man in despair.

"And Belle! She must be terrified!" came the voice of a young boy.

My mom had told me the story of how she had cursed a young prince because he had no love anywhere in his heart, tramsforming him into a beast of sorts; only true love would turn him and all his staff and servants back.

I realized in horror that I found myself in the setting of the very story she had told me. The curse was real. And now she was trying to get more revenge. But why?! They all complied, he found his love in the end. Why did they have to take a huge step backwards?

Realizing that standing at the doorway was going to get me caught eventually, I ran forward, into another section that I could not sense. In my haste to get away I tripped over what seemed to be a large chair. I could feel the aura of a fireplace somewhere nearby. Was I in a living room?

I didn't have much time to think about that, for the screaming had come downstairs, and with it, the growling and snarling! I jumped right into the chair (after I felt around for it) and tried to make myself look as small as possible. I held perfectly still, hoping that whoever this chair belonged to wouldn't want to sit there.

"Madamemoiselle, you must hide!" called the young man's voice from the entryway to the room.

"Lumiere, I don't get it! Why is Adam a beast again?" called a diferent voice. She sounded like she was on the verge of, if not already in, tears. "I thought you had all been set could this happen?"

"I fear the enchantress is at work," replied Lumiere. "She must have done this to us again."


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