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Made it another year.  Growing up where & how I did, I never really pictured me where I am now.  School is going great and still crankin' out A's (math now though) and I FINALLY have a new computer on the way.  I hate working from the laptop and my the desktop I have is waaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated.  My XPS 9000 ships on the 30th (Yaaaaay!), so I'm looking forward to that and get back into more than just creating things for class.  I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the summer.  The cool/cold weather is upon us [grabs cup of Swiss Miss w/extra marshmallows]   

Well, it's Sunday and time to prep for some football (American NFL) so I will try and catch up with everyone throughout the week.  Peace!
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Man, it's been what... 2 months?   I got used to checking up on some of  ya'll, reading the journals, viewing the art, etc. so I hate I've been away so long.  Essays, assignments, and studying have kept me busy.  If you care to keep up with me and still chat....

Facebook:  Dee M. Davis

I promise to catch up with everyone as soon as I can, and when things settle down I will hopefully be posting at least a few things.  I'm probably rustier than an old tin can by now though.  :)   LoL
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As some of you I've chatted with may know one of the things I planned to do was get back into school.  Well, this is my first week.  So far, so good even though we all know the first quarter or 2 is mainly introductory and not where all the real learning and everything is that you look forward to.

Anyway, this is where my focus will be so I'm not sure how often I will be able to post new work.  Bare with me and I'm sure the design bug will bite as usual and I reach a point I HAVE to do something.   Until then I'll try and check in on everyone and I hope 2009 is going well so far for you all too.
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In a new place in my life (a good one) so this is part of the new start.  I appreciate the old friends coming through.  Damn, it's been a while for some of us on here when you think about it.  I'm adding some of my old favs and hope to get around to finishing up some of the new stuff I have in the works.

Welcome to any new friends who may come through and feel I may be worth watching and/or worthy of some convo, laughs, etc.
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