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Leopard V

I've had SOOO many requests for this since I showed it off but I didn't really want to release it because there is just so many Leopard clones already, but this one has official leopard stuff ;-)

The Windowblind is for Vista but it will work on XP. It won't be as good but then neither is XP :p

Just a theme this time, no extra usual goodies but if you want loads more, visit my friend RaatsGui :iconraatsgui: because he has done loads of cool ones :-)
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ok so i applyed it, and when i tryed to open anyhting like my home folder it said "windows explorer has stopped responding" then restarted everything :c
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how do i use it? D:
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it works on windows 7
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hey thanks, its look waaayyy sooo awesome yeeehaa!! thanks
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Mine won't work when I load it into windowsblinds :(
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Could you update this one for Win(dowblinds)7?
That would be awesome!
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what about this theme for windows 7?
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wow, this is awesome!
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Is there a way to uninstall this?
Very nice, how did you get you back and forward icons to get like that in your explorer window and also the icons on the left side?
Hi mrrste,

Actually I have modified a little bit your WB skin and I was wondering if I can share it?

Again thanks for your work!
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sure thing, just leave me some credit ;-)
When I use this for vista, the little apple thing that's supposed to be there for the start menu is all effed up and wierd looking. Also, when you maximize a window, the three top buttons aren't placed where they should be. And if you try to change the dimensions of the screen, the cursor goes on the shadow instead of the window. If you can fix those, this would be pretty dang awesome.
Another good quality theme.

However I have the same problem with this as the covesutra.

Whenever I go to google or some different sites, the search button goes really small and I can't see what I'm typing. What is wrong with it?

Image: [link]
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Hi I am in Vista and I am getting an error. It seems that if I had a window in Maximize mode ( I am on 1280x800 resolution ) the Close, Minimize and Maximize buttons are messed up, like if I click on the minimize button it closes it, click on the maximize button it minimizes it, and the close button doesn't work, though if I click on the space next to maximize button it maximizes it... so I am assuming the mappings are off a bit?

Also when I open Photoshop CS3, the menus wont work... If I click on Edit, for example, I can't click on undo, cut, etc. though if I use their shortcut keys they work just fine ( I can probably live with this problem by using shortcuts but the thing is there are options which doesn't have a shortcut key >< )

I am not sure if someone already addressed you about this, however it will be nice if you can tell me a solution ^^; ( or is it perhaps windowsBlinds own problem? )
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i love it thanks

but i have a problem

with firefox....

i try to open the menus and its all gray.... it doesnt show the things in the menus....

and i try to minimize the windows and they close
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Bloody Hell! I love it! Thank you an infinite :
hey.can i ask something?
what font is that? im wondering :)
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what an amazing work. Very impressive.
Dude, thank you. This is the only visual style ive found that looks like leopard on windowblinds.
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Be careful with the buttons on the maximize windows . . ., for the rest it is perfect.

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