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DnD Hex Dice Box Template

By MrRouseau
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This is the template I use in the video linked below.  Use the download link here to get the PDF and you can print it out and follow along!
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Hey, I know this is extremely old and probably a long time coming, but I was curious if you could make one for those who like mini dice. The 10mm ones. I am currently making your full sized one and I already like it a lot.

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Found your youtube video and loved what I saw. I'd really like to try this myself!
What thickness paper would you recommend? I'm guessing normal printer paper is not thick enough...
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Sorry for the late reply. I'm sure you can tell that this DA account was an afterthought.  haha

For the few of these that I put together, I used Georgia Pacific 110lb card stock.
In truth...  I do think it would probably be easier to put together with a thinner paper, though.

If you DO end up using thinner paper, you could always spray on several thin coats of polyurethane (or even a normal spray paint).
It's the same idea as using fiberglass resin to harden papercraft armor pieces, just at a much smaller scale.