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Terraria: The Crimson

I've come back from a lengthy hiatus, mainly because right at the end of school, I found a job as a stocker for a Convenience Store and was working there for the most part. Enjoying it more than I expected, if a bit dull at times.


"The sky turns orange, as you notice the grass is blood red, and the dirt has become ash. You can feel a beating of a heart, deep underneath you. Horrors worse than the Corruption come into view; The Crimson"

Link to music (and comment):…

This biome can replace the Corruption during the creation of your world, though it may be possible to have the two at once, I haven't attempted it yet. It can be a little more difficult for newcomers, but it's the same, just with a different boss, and a bloodier theme to the land. Just like it shadow-y counterpart, it can spread across the world and Hardmode enemies too.

Terraria belongs to Re-Logic and Redigit.
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