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Some might have noticed that my night photos have been a lot more grainy than normal as of late. That is because I cannot use my tripod at the moment so I have been shooting at 1600 ISO most of the time, rather than doing longer exposures. Sadly I cannot hold still for more than half a second, my hands shake quite a bit. I may go back to some of these locations and reshoot a few photos once I am able to use the tripod again, hopefully they will look a lot better and less noisy.
Well, I have been pretty surprised about the amount of attention my photos have received since posting them last night. Previously I might have seen one or two people favourite a photo soon after it was released, but I am still getting views, people giving me favs and occasionally comments even though it has been 24 hours since they were posted.

I realize this amount is small compared to some people but it is really surprising to me because it is simply not what I expected. I am glad some people are enjoying my photos and it encouraged me to go out again and continue updating my galleries.
I uploaded a few months worth of photos tonight. They had been piling up quite badly and I regret it now as uploading them here is a fairly slow process. Sadly I went for speed over quality so I need to go back and give them new titles and descriptions at some point but that can wait until tomorrow.

I still have a few photos left that I took in November and I will post those soon. It has been pretty cold lately so I have not taken many photos this month, but I may try to go out tomorrow. We expect snow tonight and I hope the world looks pretty.
I just spent a few minutes reporting the photos of a user who has obviously been simply posting nude photos that they found around the internet. I do not care that they are nude, I love nudity. However, using Google Image search I found they had been posted on various chans, blogs, and well, everywhere. The captions on their images all indicated that the subjects were friends, girlfriends and taken by themselves. Everything about the the profile was immediately suspect to me. The photos appeared to be random, taken in many different locations, all with different people and all had the typical fantasy wank captions on them. I thought it was obvious at least and my suspicions were confirmed quickly using the above search technology, but then I looked at the comments and found high praise all around (as well as many comments that were hidden by the user, I wonder if those might have been of a more critical nature? Hmmmm) but there were a lot of very positive comments.

My question is this: Why are so many people unable to see these profiles for what they are? Is it that they have not encountered many and do not know the patterns? Are they simply not thinking? Or maybe in this case, were they thinking with their genitals instead of their brain when they post such comments? I just do not understand why people are so gullible when it comes to these things. This is the internet, we all know there are many people trying to be something other than they seem on here, right? If not, you should learn this. People need to cast a more critical eye at what they are looking at, this is like media awareness, you have to look past the message they are sending out to look for the truth of the matter, think before posting and use your critical thinking skills.

So go get a Google Image search plugin for your browser, try Tineye as well. They are you weapons to discover reality. Do not let this place simply become a warehouse for photo collectors who do not contribute anything. Be proactive and be a conscientious user and not a blind one.

Ok, rant over.