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MUGEN - Interesting Anims I Found And More

While searching for MUGEN characters, I happen to have founded some anims that are applied by characters I have never seen or heard before. Here's the list:

1. Character: Chikyuu Dai Sinka/GaiaWhisper
-Hot Springs (9876) - Causes the opponent to suddenly appear in a hot spring and taking a dip.

2. Character: pulse-K
-Turned into T-Shirt (5340, 5341) - The opponent is grabbed and chucked into pulse-K, who becomes a washing machine and the opponent becomes a T-Shirt.
-Note: This is done via -2 coding, rather than being automatic.

3. Character - Rei (Fist Of The North Star/Hokuto No Ken)
-Clothes Ripped by Rei (805) - Rei slashes part of the opponent's clothes briefly before kicking them away.
-Note: Just like above, it is done via -2 coding, rather than being automatic.

4. Character: Jinmen
-Assimilated Head (29970) - Jinmen seems to have destroyed the opponent's body and made the head become assimilated to him. Dunno, he comes from a series I don't know, but, yeah.

5. Character: Deathmask
-Slammed Into The Ground (5888) - The opponent becomes slammed into the ground. That's all.

6. Character: Pocket Akuma
-Akuma's Speech (9018) - Whatever Akuma said, it is enough to leave the opponent stunned in a comical fashion.

7. Character: Pocket Chun-Li
-Love letter (9033) - Chun-Li gives the opponent a letter, and the opponent falls in love upon reading it. Before taking damage and falling into the ground.

8. Character: Pokita
-Cat Ears - Whatever Pokita just smoked out, it gives the opponent cat ears. Which self-destructs.


As for the last one, these are interesting characters I happen to just find. These are Toledoman and Kawaiman. Interestingly, I just found several anims on Toledoman I never seen.

If you want to check these guys out, look here: [link]

As for the anims, here are some sources: [link]

Note that the links are in japanese, however...

These guys needs more love. And videos of them fighting!

-Agent Blonde belongs to me.
-MUGEN (c) Elecbyte
-Chikyuu Dai Sinka/GaiaWhisper, pulse-K Rei, Jinmen, Deathmask, Akuma, Chun-Li, Pokita, Toledoman and Kawaiman ALL belongs to their respective owners.
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hey, how did you get pokita's move to work anyways?