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Grita - 2016 Ref Sheet

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I got to redesign Grita for 2016! Hooray!


Age: Ageless

Gender: Female

Race: Grim Reaper

Height: 7'5"

Weight: "Ask, and I'll f@#$!&@# reap you!"

Likes: Black humor, being a jerk, parties, blood and gore, war, coffins, vampires, heavy metal, punk, goth, dubstep, rock and roll, swearing, gambling, alcohol, smoking, and Detroit. And milk and cats.

Dislikes: Getting in trouble, getting killed, cute things, girly things, cute and girly things, ponies, fairies, taking responsibility, senile people, sparkles, cakes, penguins, and toasters.

Bio: Grita is the Grim Reaper's niece. She once had a job to keep a monster sealed inside a relic from escaping. However, she's such a hard drinking party girl, throwing lots of parties over guarding the beast. After betting it away during one party by a better gambler and letting it escape, she's now forced to work with her uncle to reap souls up until she repays the damages she caused. Grita now roams around the world with her bike, The Psycho, searching for people who are about to get killed so she take the souls back to the underworld.

Personality: Acting like a jerk, lazy immature loudmouth of a woman, Grita prefers goofin' around and drink rather than leading and hunting down lost souls to the underworld unless their deadly fates are interesting. She doesn't care about the situation they're into, but will interfere if it's something she might feel like it's important.

Abilities: As a Grim Reaper, she can also sense the presence of any living creature around her and . She also can't get drunk, giving her an advantage on consuming lots and lots of alcohol. Grita can regenerate bones and parts she loses. She's also an expert biker, and a skilled gambler. She also has with her boots with retractable spikes, which she can use to climb rougher places, or to finish the job quicker.

Weaknesses: She's may be immortal, but this can only apply in the underworld, where she's completely invincible. In the mortal world, however, she can get smashed if hit by very brute force. It doesn't kill her as she can put herself back together, but allowing her head become smashed to pieces will. If she gets killed, it'll take either weeks or months for her to come back. She really, really hates that. And unlike her uncle, she lacks the more powerful abilities the main reaper has. Them being flight, teleportation, invisibility and telekinesis. Grita's irresponsibility can also be her downfall, having accidentally released a monster which led her in trouble that one time.

Scythe: As a reaper, she carries one of these. Aside from using it to reap souls and create portals. It can also be used to warp reality. However, she can't do that, or she would get in bigger trouble. The scythe has a security system, so if anyone else tries to use the scythe, they'll end up aging rapidly into dust unless they let go of it. This will only happen if anyone tries to use its power, not if they actually touch the scythe.

The Psycho: Grita's motorbike, which she'll use for a ride to reach farther places. It's tough, big, and really fast, fast enough leave behind a flaming supernatural trail. If it gets damaged, it can regenerate over time. If it gets destroyed, it'll get sent to the underworld for repairs.

-Communicator Orb: 
She got this from her uncle. It's used for the Grim Reaper to contacting her. Like a phone!
-Death List: The reaper's list of people who'll get killed soon. 
-Beer: Beer. It's only beer.

-The only parts that are skin are her torso, and her lower body.
-She'll put her hood on whenever she rides her bike, or to scare anyone.
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Death Stroke (OC): what's your weight?

Mega Rook: Seriously!? Your gonna get yourself k-(realizes he's already dead) uh..

Death Stroke: oh don't let me stop you. Go on. I wanna hear the punch line to this.

Mega Rook: (blushing) I.. Uh.. nevermind
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Tries too hard to be a bad girl
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Awesome design!!