Omega part 2

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Then Mary finally looked over at the people who were surrounding her, seeing the looks of absolute amazement and even adoration on most of their faces, realizing that this made her feel even more like some sort of goddess.  However, she knew that most of this was due to the powers which she had gained from Desire, and which were causing the men around her to go nuts.  She would have to consciously turn it down.  The only ones who were not completely zoned out due to her powers were Tank and Desire who were still unconscious and Lady Arise, who was staring at her in shocked disbelief and amazement.

"Do you like the new me?" Mary grinned down at them all, amazed at just how small each of them now seemed to her.  Even Tank, who was now reduced back to his original height of 5 foot 10 seemed short in comparison.  "This feels incredible..."

"Give us our powers back?" Lady Arise demanded, her voice shaking.  Then she demanded, "Why are you doing this?"

Mary frowned down at her, taking a deep breath before smugly stating, "Because all I wanted was to be a super hero.  I was one of you...  I went through all of the same things...  And I had just as much right.  But you all gained powers and I didn't.  Or at least I didn't seem to," she corrected with a faint smirk.  "And when you all got powers and I didn't, you treated me like shit.  You treated me like I didn't get them because I somehow was less worthy of being a hero than any of you.  You all patronized me and treated me with contempt, acting like I was some kind of inferior because I didn't get any powers..."

"Give me back my powers," Lady Arise pleaded.

"I can't," Mary admitted, feeling just a little guilty at that.  "Once I take them...I can't get rid of them."  She shrugged, not really wanting to get rid of any of them either.  Having those powers felt far too good...  Especially after she'd waited so long to gain the powers and become a super hero.

With that, Mary closed her eyes and stretched out her senses, amazed at just how sharp and clear they now were.  She smiled faintly as she heard Soldier several rooms away, now awake and cursing his lack of powers and the clumsiness he felt now that he was back to normal human levels rather than superhuman.

After a moment of this, Mary stretched to her new full height, laughing a bit a she thought about what she now had to look like.  She was eager to see herself...to see what she looked like now that she'd gained Tank and Desire's powers.

"I have to check this out," Mary told herself.

With that, Mary used the powers that she'd stolen from Getaway to teleport to the other side of the complex, right into the middle of the uniform room.  She immediately turned to look at the large mirror which was embedded in one of the walls, gasping as she did so.

"That's me?"  She could barely believe that the awesome creature staring back from the mirror was herself.

Mary had turned into a tall, statuesque amazon.  She now had a body that was both extremely solid and sexy looking.  And though she didn't understand exactly how, Desire's power matrix had managed to work with Tank's...letting her have his powerful muscles, but keeping them much more subdued so that they actually worked to enhance her generous curves and sex appeal rather than interfere with them.  Somehow...it all worked...and amazingly well at that.

But of course, Mary's body wasn't the only thing affected by the changes that the power matrixes brought about.  Her face was not just pretty as before...but gorgeous.  Even her face had become extremely sexy.  Her eyes...formerly a rather plain looking brown, had become a brilliant green that almost seemed to glow.  And her hair, while still red, was now a much more bright and brilliant red, which had grown much longer and cascaded down to her lower back in waves.

"Unbelievable," Mary exclaimed in utter amazement.  Every inch of her body had changed...becoming bigger...stronger...sexier...BETTER.  "Oh yeah..."

It was only then that Mary fully realized that she was completely naked.  She didn't really feel modest about that since she no longer had anything to feel modest or ashamed about at all.  It was a body that deserved to be shown off.  However, she realized that she probably should get some clothes...

"Like I can get anything off the rack," she muttered to herself, remembering that Tank...and even Desire to a lesser degree had that problem.  Or at least they'd had that problem before she took it away from them.  "A small price to pay for gaining this..."

Then Mary looked over to the corner of the room where a device which looked somewhat like a large round phone booth rested.  She smiled and stood inside, silently thankful that they'd built it large enough to handle Tank.  Because of that, she didn't even need to duck in order to fit in.

"Let's see," Mary mused, pushing the button that she knew would activate the machine.  She stood inside of it for several seconds while scanned all of the measurements of her body.  "That should do it," she said once the scan was done.

Mary moved to the front of the machine and hit a few buttons, smiling as it gave a 3D image of her body...and showed how the costume the machine was designed to create would fit that body.  She looked it over, knowing that it was currently set up to create the basic Team Omega standard costume...though it could also be adjusted to create other designs.  However, at the moment Mary didn't feel patient enough to create a completely customized costume...especially since that would take a bit of time to program.  So she set it to create a Team Omega costume for herself, with the primary color set as crimson and the secondary as the same gryy that most of the team had used.

"That should do it," Mary told herself as she hit the button, knowing that it would take a short while for the machine to actually create the costume.  But while she waited, she could think of other things to do.

With that, Mary teleported her to another room, then immediately used her telekinesis to disable to video camera that was monitoring the room...by tearing it out of the wall.  She smiled as she looked over the exercise room, having watched the others use it countless times to test the levels of their powers.  But what interested her most at the moment was the weight machine that Tank used to test his strength.  It was even set to close to his maximum weight.

"Just what I wanted to try," Mary grinned to herself, feeling like a little girl in the candy shop.  She went to the machine and grabbed hold of the bar, eager to see if she really was as strong as Tank.  "Here goes nothing..."

Mary took a deep breath then lifted.  And to her surprise, she not only lifted the weight but managed to do so much more easily than she had expected.  It wasn't easy, but she didn't have to use all of her strength either.

"Wow," Mary exclaimed as she set the weight down.

She stared at the settings to verify that it was indeed set to near Tank's limit, which made no sense to her.  Mary frowned and increased the weight by several hundred pounds and lifted it again, repeating the process several more times before she thought that she was getting near her own limit.

"That makes no sense," Mary muttered to herself, frowning thoughtfully.  "How can I be stronger than Tank?"  Then it suddenly dawned on her.  "Soldier..."

Soldier's power matrix had amplified his strength...and hers, to its peak and then beyond.  So what if that very same power matrix had taken the new strength that she had gained from Tank, accepted that as her new 'normal' level and amplified that the same way?  And the more she thought about it, the more sense it made.

"Incredible," Mary thought aloud.  She'd had no idea that the powers she had taken could work together to augment each other like that.

Just then, Mary heard someone outside of the door to the exercise room.  They were trying to be quiet about it so that she wouldn't notice their presence, but she could still hear them.  She could even smell them.

"Soldier and Tank," Mary mused to herself as she recognized the scents.

They'd probably figured that she was there because the video camera had been removed.  But just because they found her didn't mean that they could do anything to her.  In fact, she had no doubt that she could stop both of them without having to lift a finger.  However, she didn't really feel like dealing with them at the moment so teleported back to the uniform room.

"It's finished," Mary grinned as she saw that the machine had finished making her uniform.

Mary picked up the uniform, admiring the colors which she had chosen herself, and the very special material.  The uniforms were all made of a very special fabric which was very comfortable...not to mention extremely difficult to cut or tear.  And Mary rather liked the idea of wearing clothes that were nearly as tough as she had become.

After admiring the uniform for just a few seconds, Mary wasted no further time in putting on.  It fit perfectly, which was as she expected since it had been specifically for her measurements.

"Just perfect," Mary said as she turned to admire the uniform in the mirror.  It was largely crimson, with about a third of it being dark gray.  And it was skin tight, covering everything from her neck down.

As soon as Mary saw her reflection, she let out a faint gasp of delight.  The reflection was amazing...  She looked absolutely amazing...  However, what truly brought tears to her eyes was the fact that she was finally wearing a Team Omega costume...after having longed to wear it for some time.

"Very nice," Mary smiled.

Of course, Mary realized that with a body as magnificent as her own, she would need a costume that could show it off a bit more.  Maybe something with short sleeves that showed a bit more skin and cleavage.  But that could wait for later.  Right now, she was quite pleased to just wear the costume that she'd just made.

Then Mary heard the sound of several people rushing down the hall and stopping just outside the door to the uniform room.   "Oh," she smirked, "they're coming for me again,"

For a moment, she thought about staying there and confronting them, about driving the men mad with desire and putting them under her spell again.  Or maybe she could show them around a little with her telekinetic powers, reminding them that they can't lay a finger on her now unless she let them.

However, Mary didn't really like the idea of picking on people who couldn't defend themselves anymore.  It just didn't seem right.  And she'd already proven her point to them and given them each a good dose of humility so there was no need to do more.

Instead, Mary remembered what she'd been thinking of how her new powers might work with each other...and she had an idea that she wanted to test out.  Getaway's powers had always been limited by the amount of stress that they put on his body.  The further he teleported or the more weight he carried, the more stress he suffered.  And if he took too much, it would kill him.  However, thanks to the powers that she had gained from both Tank and Soldier, her body was now capable of withstanding a great deal of stress.  She could withstand a LOT more than Getaway could even imagine.

"So I should be able to teleport a lot further," Mary reasoned aloud.

Then Mary smiled and teleported to the furthest point that Getaway had been able to jump from the headquarters.  It was 5 miles away, and Getaway had not only been well rested before doing that jump, but had been so wiped out that he had barely been able to even move for several hours afterwards.  When Mary arrived at her destination in a flash of green light, she let out a sigh of relief

"It worked," she exclaimed.

Mary hadn't been completely sure that her plan would work and felt a huge thrill in the knowledge that it had.  Whenever Getaway made any teleporting jumps more than a few hundred yards, he felt sore and tired...with the effect getting stronger the further he teleported.  And Mary just teleported to the furthest point that Getway had been able to...and she hadn't even felt the hint of those side effects.  In fact, she felt as though she could teleport a hundred times the distance...at least.

"I feel like I could do ANYTHING," Mary laughed.  She couldn't resist trying that experiment again...this time with a little more push.

A moment later, Mary teleported again, this time teleporting halfway across the country.  As soon as she appeared in her new location, she felt a momentary dizziness and ache in her muscles.  However, the symptoms were faint and vanished almost immediately, leaving her feeling just as impossibly strong, healthy and energized as she had felt before teleporting.

"Between Tank's invulnerability," Mary mused to herself, "and the endurance I got from Soldier...  I can probably teleport all the way to the other side of the planet...  And with the healing factor I got from Soldier immediately fixing any physical stress..."

Mary shook her head in amazement at the way her new powers were working together, augmenting each other.  She was stronger than Tank and could teleport much further than Getaway...  Now she couldn't wait to find out how else her new powers complimented each other.

With that, Mary flexed her arms, staring at her powerful muscles and savoring the unbelievable strength which flowed through them.  Then she laughed aloud, "God I love this new body..."

Then Mary smiled, deciding to play with her new powers even more.  She took one more look around her destination and teleported again, this time into the middle of New York.  Mary couldn't resist the opportunity to show her new body and powers off in front of a lot of people, and New York seemed the perfect place for something like that.

"So many people," she grinned to herself.

For a minute, Mary just stood where she was, fully aware that a great many people on the street had stopped to stare at her.  Of course, she knew very well that she was well worth staring at now.  Not only was she wearing a super hero uniform, but she was incredibly gorgeous and had a very unusual physique.

"The physique of a goddess," Mary smirked.  And there were so many people staring at her with open awe and admiration, not to mention lust.

And then, just to show off a little, Mary used her telekinesis to float up into the air and then fly up to the top of one of the buildings.  The people that she left below stared up at her in awe, obviously not seeing people using super powers right there in front of them every day.

Once Mary had settled down on top of the nearest building, she closed her eyes and stretched out her senses, trying to make sense of all that she was hearing and smelling.  There was so much information that she wasn't sure that she could make sense of it all, though she was determined to find a way.  And she seemed to be getting better and doing so with every passing moment.

Mary listened to the sounds of the city for a minute before suddenly realizing what some of the more distant and vague sounds were...  She was hearing screams and explosions.  And as she focused on those particular sounds, they came to her clearer...clear enough for her to realize that there was a serious problem.

"Where...?" she gasped in surprise, opening her eyes and looking around again.

After staring in the direction that she thought the sounds were coming from, Mary saw a small bit of smoke rising from the distance.  A normal pair of eyes would not be able to make out the detail from that distance, but since she had stolen the power matrix from Soldier, her eyes were no longer quite normal.

There was only a moment of hesitation while Mary tried to decide what she had to do, then she reminded herself that this was what it was all for...  She had gone through everything that she had...done everything that she had so that she could be a super hero.  There was no way that she could ignore a possible chance to finally be one.

Mary stared into the distance, to where she could see the plume of smoke.  And with that, she gathered up her concentration and determination and teleported to a building nearby.

"Now let's see...," she exclaimed as soon as she arrived, immediately looking around to see what the problem was.  Then her eyes went wide and she blurted out, "Oh shit..."

There were not just one, but TWO giant metal robots stomping down the middle of the street.  They were both identical, both painted gunmetal gray and standing fifty feet tall.  Each one stepped on cars...and even on people without seeming to care or even notice.  Their very passage caused a trail of destruction.

But the giant robots weren't the only threat to the people of the city.  There were other robots...nearly a dozen of them, all nearly identical to the giant robots save that they were only 7 feet tall.  And these ones were actively going after people, grabbing cars and throwing them at the running civilians.

And then there were the soldiers.  There were several dozen human soldiers, each wearing armor that had a slight resemblance to the robots...enough to show that they were definitely tied together.  And if their armor wasn't clue enough, there was the fact that they were shooting at the buildings, apparently herding a large number of people...though to what purpose Mary couldn't even guess.

"What the hell is going on?" Mary gasped, feeling simultaneous surges of fear and excitement.  In spite of her eagerness to test out her new powers and to prove herself as a hero, she knew that this was all beyond her experience.  What if she messed up?  What if others got hurt because of her?  "I can't let that happen..."

Mary took a deep breath and then jumped right in, deciding to go for the biggest targets first.  She used her telekinesis to fly towards one of the giant robots, where she punched it as hard as she could.  Her punch was enough to knock it backwards a bit, as well as putting a nice dent in it's chest.  However, one punch was not enough to finish it.

"I guess I'll just have to hit you again," Mary grimaced, her confidence boosted by the effect that her punch had on the robot.

"Don't let that bitch interfere!" one of the men in armor screamed up at the giant robot, which showed no sign of actually hearing him.  Then to the other armored men, he exclaimed, "Our master the Mechaizer will be furious if we let any of these so called super heroes interfere with his plans to destroy the city!"

Though Mary was focused on dealing with the giant robot, she could still hear the armored men talking to themselves.  She could hear them talking to each other about their master, the Mechaizer, and his plans to create terror by leveling half the city.

She'd heard the name before.  In fact, while she'd been stuck at the Team Omega headquarters while the others were out fighting villains, she'd tried preparing herself to become a hero herself by using that time to read through the files on various super heroes and villains.  There was little doubt in her mind that she had probably read through more of those files and knew more about the various heroes and villains than any of those who had been official members.

"The Mechaizer," Mary muttered to herself, trying to remember what she had read from his file.

Then she remembered that the Mechaizer was some sort of genius megalomaniac who had plans of creating his own empire, based off of the power of his powerful robotic technology.  However, she also remembered that he didn't like getting his hands dirty and preferred sending armies of mercenaries and machines to do his dirty work for him.

A moment later, Mary's thoughts were cut short as the giant robot took a swing at her.  It hit her and the impact sent her flying back and into the wall.  She left a large indentation before teleporting out, to the air right in front of the robot where she used her telekinesis to levitate.

"You aren't supposed to hit girls," Mary yelled at the robot, landing on it's shoulder and grabbing hold of the head.  Then, using her newly acquired strength, she tore the robot's head right off of it's shoulders and casually tossed it to the side.  "It's so easy..."

However, the robot didn't just suddenly stop dead like Mary had expected.  Instead, it staggered around, apparently blind and without direction.  Mary jumped off of it as it bumped into the wall of a building, causing half the side to cave in.  Then as if flailed around, one of it's feet came down on one of the smaller robots, which crunched under the weight.  The larger robot completely lots it's balance at this point and fell down, right on top of one of the armored soldiers.

"That's got to hurt," Mary smirked.

But as the robot was trying to get back up, Mary decided that it would probably be a good idea to keep him from doing so.  And with that, she landed on his back and used her bare hands to tear off a large section of plating.  Then as soon as the robot's insides were revealed, she used her telekinesis to reach inside and tear them out.  Mary didn't know what she needed to remove to stop the robot for good, so she just kept tearing at everything she could until it stopped moving entirely.

"One down," Mary muttered to herself as she looked up and at the small army that surrounded her, "A hundred to go..."

With that, the soldiers and the smaller robots all started opening fire on her.  Mary winced for a moment, then let out her breath as her skin only tingled where they hit her.  And after a moment, she even grinned, deciding that this was rather fun.  But when one of the soldiers fired what looked like a ray gun at her....which actually stung, she decided that it was time to do something about them.

"That hurt...sort of," Mary exclaimed.

Mary didn't think that it was a good idea to let this go any longer.  Not with these robots and soldiers causing so much damage to everything around them.  So she looked at the smaller robots and stretched out her will, using  her telekinesis to pick them up and throw them into each other.  She used the power of her mind to crush one right where it stood, then to send another one flying straight at the remaining giant robot.

"Take that!" Mary called out, telekinetically tossing one robot right into a cluster of the armored soldiers, then turning and punching another robot that had gotten too close to her, putting her fist straight through it's chest.

One of the soldiers took advantage of Mary's momentary distraction to rush right up to her, putting his gun barrel merely inches from her chest and firing.  It didn't hurt her, but the thought that he would actually do something like that was enough to get her angry.

"You bastard," Mary growled, about to punch the man but then holding back at the last moment as she realized that he wouldn't survive her punch.  Instead, she just grabbed his shoulder and pushed out with the powers she had gained from Desire.  Suddenly, the man's expression had turned to one of complete worship...   "I think I could get to like this part," she nearly grinned.

It only too Mary another minute to finish neutralizing all of the smaller robots.  However, her attention shifted back to the second large one as it was stumbling down the street and away from the main battle zone...  It was looking for more people to hurt and more destruction to cause.

Then Mary's eyes went wide as she realized that there were people looking out the windows  of the buildings near it...and even a few careless people who had stayed nearby to watch the excitement.  "What idiots!" Mary exclaimed, hardly able to believe that anyone could be so stupid as to hang around in the middle of a fight like that.  She knew that before she had her powers, she would have run like hell had a couple 50 foot robots and a bunch of smaller ones had come storming down the street.

"It's going to crush those people," Mary blurted out, then gasped in horror as the giant robot slammed a fist right into the side of the building.

For a moment, Mary thought about charging the giant robot like she had the other one.  However, she immediately remembered the way that it had stumbled around, and all the damage that it had caused while doing so.  If she was going to take it out, she needed a way to do it without any of those rubber-neckers getting hurt.

"I've got it," Mary exclaimed, silently preying that her idea would work.

And with that, Mary teleported onto the giant robot's shoulder, just as she had the previous one.  But instead of just tearing off it's head, she grabbed hold, closed her eyes and teleported, hoping that her body could handle the stress of teleporting that much material.  Getaway could only teleport one...maybe two other people at the very most, and then only for a short distance.  She was teleporting a weight MANY times more than he'd been able to, as well as teleporting it further than he'd be able to teleport another person.

The instant that Mary felt the world snap back into place around her, she winced faintly at the aches that seemed to hit every muscle in her body.  However, she didn't have time to focus on that as she still had a robot to deal with...as well as another problem.  She immediately looked around and saw that she had teleported herself and the robot exactly where she'd intended...into the ocean about a mile or so away from New York.

"Rust you fucking bucket of bolts," Mary exclaimed as she tore the head off of the robot, even as it had already more than halfway gone under the water.

Mary used her telekinesis to lift herself from the robot and to levitate in the air as the robot sank beneath the waves, thrashing around as it did so.  She just smiled and let it, knowing that it couldn't very well do any damage out there in the water, away from any of those stupid rubber-neckers.  But then, just to make certain, she used her telekinesis to tear into the robot just a little bit more as it sank beneath the waves...no longer moving at all on it's own.

"Stupid piece of junk," Mary spat out.

For a moment, Mary remained where she was, levitating above the water while the aches in her body quickly faded away.  She smiled at that, silently thanking the healing factor that she had gained from Soldier.  The near invulnerability that she had taken from Tank let her survive the stress that such a teleportation put on her body, but the healing factor ensured that even when her body did suffer a lot of stress, it was able to almost immediately recover from it.

Then Mary took a deep breath to prepare herself and teleported right back to the scene of the battle.  However, the only ones left for her to fight were the two dozen men in armor.  And after dealing with all of the robots, she had a feeling that they would be easier in comparison.

"She's back," one of the armored soldiers called out the moment that Mary reappeared in front of them.  He fired a short at her with some sort of energy weapon, and though she knew that she could easily survived a hit from it, she acted out of instinct and quickly dodged  the blast.  She smiled as she dodged the next one as well, absolutely loving the reflexes that she'd gained from Soldier.

"Not that I really need them," Mary told herself, though they certainly were rather nice.

But then Mary snapped her attention back to what she was doing.  These soldiers were still all heavily armed hadn't stopped causing havoc on the city street.  She was going to have to deal with them, and fast...before more innocent people got hurt.

With that, Mary ran forward, grabbing one of the men by the front of his armor and lifted him off the ground with one arm.  He felt so light...  She frowned, absently tossing him into one of the other soldiers before looking around for her next target.

Mary scowled, reaching out with her telekinesis and picking one of the other soldiers up from twenty feet away.  She loved the look of surprise on his face, then paused as she realized that she could feel something else.  There was a faint tingling and suddenly the man that she was telekinetically holding aloft had a whole new expression on his face...  He was staring at her with a look of utter lust and worship.

"Holy shit," Mary exclaimed, dropping the man in surprise.  But the look of adoration and the sense that he would do ANYTHING for her remained.  "I...zapped him."

Mary immediately recognized the effects of Desire's powers...and how it felt to use them herself as she had just a short while ago.  But Desire could only do that kind of thing to a man...put them that much under control by touching them.  And Mary had been twenty feet away...

"Telekinesis," Mary gasped in realization.

Desire's power matrix worked to put men under control once she touched them.  And now, Mary realized that this was a case of her multiple powers interacting with each other again...  It seemed that she didn't need to actually touch them physically.  Touching them with her telekinesis would work as well...  Instead of having to rely on touch like Desire had, this meant that Mary could pretty much get any man that was within forty yards or so...assuming that the range of her telekinesis was the same as Lady Arise's.  But at the moment, Mary wasn't sure that this might not have been amplified somehow as well.

"Interesting," Mary whispered, completely in awe at just how powerful she had become.  She not only had all of the combined powers of Team Omega, but with almost all of them being stronger than those possessed by the original owners.  "Very interesting."

After Mary had absorbed this latest discovery about her powers, she slowly looked around at all of the remaining soldiers and allowed a smile to form on her lips.  They had of course noticed her and were opening fire, though she barely gave that much thought.  After all, she was becoming quite confident in her ability to withstand their attacks without being harmed.

Mary quickly spotted her first target, an armored soldier who was firing his weapon through the windows of the nearby window, possibly trying to hit people who were hiding within.  She decided that he would make the perfect target and stretched out her telekinesis...along with her influence.  A moment later, she knew that she had him.

"So gorgeous," the man said dreamily as he turned to stare at Mary.  Of course, she'd overheard the soldiers making comments like that about her before she'd zapped them.  But this time, he was now completely under her power...willing...no...EAGER to do whatever she commanded.

The fact that Mary had been able to zap that soldier and bring him under her power so easily was a heady feeling...though she didn't allow herself to savor it at the moment.  Instead, she still had a lot of other soldiers to deal with.

And with that, Mary began to reach out with her telekinetic powers, touching each of the armored soldiers, one or two at a time and bringing them under her influence as well.  She knew that it would be very easy to capture them with her telekinesis alone, or even her bare hands...but she relished the idea of trying this new power of hers out.

"So this is what Desire feels like," she exclaimed, fully aware of the power that she now had over not only these men, but over all men.  Any man was hers to command with just the slightest effort.

Once Mary had zapped all of the soldiers with her entrancing power, they all came towards her, dropping their guns as no longer important.  All that was important to them was admiring her...and serving her.  Mary had seen the same reaction to Desire more times than she cared to remember, so loved having that attention turned to her for once.

"I'll do anything for you," one of the armored soldiers gasped at Mary.  That sentiment was immediately echoed by all of the others.

Mary just smiled as she looked them all over.  "Drop your guns," she ordered the ones who had yet to do so.  A number of rifles hit the ground at once.

"Anything you want," another of the soldiers pleaded.  "Anything to make you happy..."  There was a dreamy look on his face.

"Well then," Mary purred, relishing this feeling of absolute sexual power that she had over them.  "Why don't you boys all sit down on the ground and hold your hands over your heads..."  As soon as they had all done just that, she smirked, "Now wait right there until the police come and arrest you...  I don't want you giving them any trouble now..."

Now Mary only hoped that he police would arrive soon, though she was fairly sure that they would.  One thing that she'd learned while watching Team Omega's fights on video was that the cops always arrived the moment that the bad guys were defeated and tied up.  It was as though they waited just out of sight until all of the hard work was done.  And then, as if to prove Mary's suspicions, the police sirens suddenly came to life and the cop cars tore around the corner.

"Make sure that you go with the police nice and peacefully," Mary reminded her temporary worshippers.

Mary nodded faintly and let out a sigh of relief as the cops quickly rushed forward and began handcuffing the armored soldiers.  Though her work was done, she wanted to stick around for a little longer.  The effects of her powers would wear off soon enough and she wanted to make sure that the police already had the soldiers well in hand before that happened.

"It looks like the Mechaizer will need some new soldiers," Mary smirked, then glanced at the wreckage of all of the robots she had destroyed, "And some new toys too..."  She almost felt disappointed that the big villain hadn't shown his face himself.  Taking him down personally would have been quite an accomplishment for a first time out.

"Thanks you miss," one cop suddenlygrinned at Mary, even while putting the handcuffs on one of his prisoners.

Then Mary looked around and realized that the cops weren't the only ones who had suddenly popped out of the woodwork.  A number of reporters seemed to be showing up along with the cops.  She shook her head faintly, wondering if it was standard procedures for them all to just gather around and wait until the fights with the super villains were over and then come out.

"Better than them getting in the way," Mary muttered to herself.

"Are you with Team Omega," someone asked, though Mary wasn't quite sure.

Mary blinked in surprise and glanced down at the Team Omega costume that she was wearing.  Then as she thought of the fact that she had the powers of the entire team, she muttered, "I AM Team Omega..."

"What?" the cop closest to her asked, apparently not having heard what she'd said.

"I've never seen you before," a woman reporter told Mary, then asked, "Who are you...?  I mean, what do you call yourself?"

Mary froze at that, going blank for a moment.  A code name...  She had been so caught up in everything else that she hadn't even given any consideration at all to a code name...  Of course, during the months that she'd been left behind at the headquarters, she'd imagined what kinds of code names she might have with various powers.  If she'd been able to run super fast, she might have called herself Runway.  And if she had sonic powers, she might have called herself Echo.  However, she'd known that she couldn't choose a proper code name until she had the powers...  And now that she had the powers, she'd been too busy....

Then Mary looked down at the reporter who'd asked the question, and further down, at the costume that she was wearing.  And as she once again thought about the fact that she had the combined powers of the entire Team Omega, she knew the perfect code name for her.

"I'm Omega," Mary proudly announced, standing up straight and tall in what she hoped was a heroic pose.

Mary loved the expressions that were clearly visible on the faces of everyone around her.  They were staring at her, nearly entranced by her incredible beauty...but they were also somewhat intimidated by her size and massive power.  But more than that, they knew that she had just saved them.

Someone in the back of the gathering group of people yelled out, "Thank you for saving us Omega..."  She smiled even more at that, feeling extremely pleased with herself.  This was a dream come true.  Not just having the powers...but being able to use them to do good.  She was finally a super hero...just as she had longed to be.

"It was my pleasure," Mary answered honestly.

And then, Mary waved at the crowd before using her telekinesis to life off the ground and float up into the sky.  She could have teleported away even more easily, though she thought that flying off would be a little more dramatic.

Mary laughed aloud as she flew over the city and away from the scene of the battle, feeling more excited than she had ever imagined that she could.  She now had everything that she'd ever dreamed of...  Thanks to her own power matrix finally manifesting, she had more power than she had ever before imagined.  She had a body that was unbelievably impressive...and which felt even better.  Every molecule of Mary's body now felt stronger, healthier and...better than she could have imagined.  And of course, she was finally able to be the super hero that she had always dreamed of being, fighting bad guys and saving the day.

"I wouldn't give it up for anything," Mary exclaimed with a broad grin.

Then as Mary closed her eyes to savor the new powers which coursed through her body, she realized that the 'empty' space was still the inside of her.  Or at least a part of it still was.  With all of the power matrixes that she'd stolen, it still hadn't been filled up...at least not completely.  And it was with a feeling of delight that Mary realized that she still had room for one or two more power matrixes.

"The possibilities," she exclaimed, her mind already racing over them.

Mary loved all of the powers which she had already taken, and couldn't help wondering what it would be like to have more.  There were so many powers which would be extremely useful for her...  And there were so many super villains that she could steal them from.

For a minute, Mary smiled dreamily as she thought of all the other powers that she could use as a super hero.  She could take the power to shoot energy blasts, turn invisible, intangible, fly on her own or so many other things.  And she couldn't help wondering how much stronger and more invulnerable she could become if she took the power matrix from someone else who had the same powers as Tank.  Or maybe, she grinned at the idea, she could steal the genius intelligence and telepathic powers of someone like the villain Dr. Brain.

"So many possibilities," Mary whispered to herself.

But then Mary shrugged off the thought of taking more super powers....at least for the moment.  For now, she would enjoy the powers that she had and be the best super hero that she could be.  She owed that much at least to those whose powers she had taken.

"Perhaps," Mary mused to herself, "I should go talk to Mr. Baxter..."

With Team Omega having lost their powers and now being forcibly retired, Project Omega could really use her powers...just as she could use their recourses.  And Mary did rather enjoy the thought of the former members of the team being stuck at base while she went out and did all of the hero work...if they would be allowed to stay for long as they now were.

Finally Mary just smiled and increased her speed, leaving thoughts of the future, of returning to Project Omega and even what other powers she might gain behind.  Those things could all wait until later.  At the moment, the only things that mattered were what she had become...how amazing she felt...and how she could use her new powers.

"All that matters right now," Mary grinned broadly to herself as she looked at the ground far below her, her sharp eyes scanning for any signs that she might be needed, "is being Omega."

The End
A young woman takes part in an experiment to become a super hero and it fails...or doe sit?
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Yeah, in her position I'd put off stealing additional powers for as long as I possibly could, simply so that nobody knew I was capable of doing that. Since her telekinesis counts as "touching" for Desire's powers, it probably does for her the power theft as well. I'm just imagining a villain with a textbook tailor-made superhero trap that his own powers could easily break out of...