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Moira's Reality
By Morpheus

Moira let out a long stream of profanity, stretching her limited vocabulary and repeating some of the words several times.  She was behind the shed in her back yard, out of view of the house and her parents.  At least here she had a place where she could vent her anger in private.

Moira was fifteen years old with shoulder length reddish-brown hair.  She was slender with small breasts and a figure that she thought was just a little too lacking in curves.  That especially frustrated her because her mom was a nice D cup and Moira feared she would never match up.

"It's not fair," Moira exclaimed, kicking the side of the shed in frustration and then cursing again because her foot hurt.

Just a short time ago, Moira's parents had told her that she couldn't go to the party tonight at a friend's house.  It wasn't even one of those wild parties with drinking but was going to be just a nice casual birthday party, one with her friend's parents being present for.  It was a party that Moira had been looking forward to for nearly two weeks.  But then without warning, her parents had told her that she couldn't go.

"They're so selfish," Moira spat out angrily.

She'd been planning on going to that party for the last two weeks and her parents had both known about it.  Then today they decided to go out for dinner on a whim and told her that she was going to have to stay home and watch her four year old brother Adam instead.  Moira normally didn't mind watching Adam but she hated the fact that her parents had abruptly cut off her plans like that.

And then to make things even worse, Moira asked her parents why they couldn't go out tomorrow night instead and they just treated her as if she was a child with no will of her own.

"Because I'm in charge," Moira mimicked her dad. "That means you do what I tell you…no questions."

Moira was still fuming when she suddenly noticed something from the corner of her eye.  She snapped around and saw that there was as strange blue glow floating in the air a short distance away…and then something stepped out of the glow.

The figure that stepped out of the glow was humanoid but definitely not human, at least Moira didn't think it was.  She couldn't even tell if this being was male or female because it was very androgynous with neither masculine or feminine features.  It was at least a foot taller than her 5 foot 3 height and was very slender with light blue skin and no hair at all on either its head or naked body.

"What are you?" Moira exclaimed in surprise.

The creature turned to look at her and then responded in perfect English, "Oh, I did not realize there was a native present.  I should have paid attention before traveling through."  Then it paused to give Moira a cautious look before adding, "As for your question, what I am is something beyond your comprehension.  The closest I can come to explaining is to say that I am a higher dimensional being."

"Oh," Moira responded, not sure she understood.  However, this being didn't seem threatening so she relaxed and stared at it in curiosity.  "What are you doing in my back yard?"

"I am…passing through," the being explained.  "To where, I cannot explain to you.  It is beyond the dimensional understanding of your kind."

Moira nodded and smiled faintly. "Then I hope you have a nice trip."

"I appreciate your kind hopes," the being said, sounding slightly amused though Moira couldn't be sure.  Then it stared at her for a moment longer before adding, "I am feeling benevolent.  In return for your kind hopes, I will perform a favor for you before I depart.  Please tell me how I may improve your reality for you."

Moira blinked at that, feeling a bit confused. "What do you mean?"

The being was silent for several long seconds before it responded.  "I will attempt to clarify.  The fabric of your dimension is highly flexible to my kind so I may adjust it to better suit your needs."  When he noticed that Moira still didn't understand, he continued, "If you tell me something that you would like to be, I can make it so…even if it is something your kind consider impossible."

"Oh," Moira suddenly gasped in understanding.  "You're saying that you'll grant me a wish."

"That is…inaccurate," the being responded.  "If I understand your culture, a wish is a carefully structured request for a change in your reality.  However, this request is granted in a fashion that is technically accurate according to the wording but does not usually meet the intention.  If you like, I can grant you a…wish.  Or you may merely tell me what you desire and I will do my best to fulfill it in a way that suits your intentions."

"So you're like a genie," Moira whispered.

"That is negative," the being told her.  "A genie is a fictional being that is perhaps inspired by knowledge of my kind and other higher dimensional beings." Then it looked at her for a moment more before asking, "How may I change your reality for you?"

Moira stared at this being in amazement, her mind swirling as she tried to absorb the fact that this was real.  However, she didn't need to think about what she wanted…about what she really wanted.  She was just glad she wouldn't have to phrase it as a wish because she wouldn't be sure where to begin.

"I want my mom and dad to treat me with respect," Moira told it, still angry over her earlier encounter with them.  "I want them to respect me."

She remembered the way they were always patronizing her and making her feel like she wasn't good enough…that she could never match up to their standards.  She hated feeling like that…hated the way her mom would make her feel dumb because she couldn't get straight A's, hated the way she felt flat-chested and invisible next to her mom, and she hated the way her dad treated her as though she was nothing but a small child.

"I want to be better at everything than they are," Moira continued, thinking that it would be nice not to lose every trivia game to her dad.  "I want them to envy me for a change."  Then she paused for a moment before adding, "And I want to be in charge of them for a change.  I want to be the one with authority."

"Very well," the strange being responded when she'd finished.  "I believe I understand and will endeavor to do as you ask."

Then the being put its hands out and began making several strange motions.  There were flickers of light in the air where it touched and it vaguely reminded Moira of someone typing on a keyboard.

It finished after less than a minute and told her, "I have completed programming the configuration changes in your reality.  However, such changes will not occur immediately.  It will take a full day to implement this reconfiguration.  I believe you will be satisfied with the results."

"Thank you," Moira said, feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

The being nodded slightly and responded, "Now I must return to my journey."  Then it turned and stepped back into the blue glow where it suddenly vanished along with the glow.

Moira stood there for a moment, stunned by the events that just occurred and trying to make sense of them.  This kind of thing was supposed to be impossible but Moira couldn't make herself believe this was a hallucination.

"Nothing seems different," she said, feeling just a little disappointed.  Of course, that strange creature had said it would take awhile.  "I just hope he wasn't messing with me."

After a minute, Moira reluctantly turned and started back towards the house.  Whether she liked it or not she still had to be there to watch Adam when her parents left.


Moira woke in the morning, disappointed to find that everything was still the same and nothing had changed.  Last night she'd put Adam to bed and then went to bed herself before her parents had returned home.  At that time, she still hadn't seen a single sign of the changes that the strange being had promised so she wasn't surprised there still weren't any.  She was disappointed but not surprised.

"It must have been some sort of weird daydream," Moira told herself sadly.

After she was done getting showered and dressed, Moira went downstairs where she found her mom in the kitchen making breakfast.  Her mom didn't even say a word of thanks for Moira's watching Adam last night.  As always, she just took Moira for granted.

"I'd have you do this if I thought you wouldn't burn it," her mom said as she gave Moira a look of annoyance.

Moira didn't say a word to her mom as she ate, still being angry at the way she'd been forced to miss her friend's birthday party.  Instead, she thought about the strange being and his promise of being able to help Moira…a promise that was obviously nothing more than a dream.

Of course, Moira knew that she'd be the one doing the dishes, not that she really minded the chore.  She just wished she'd get a little credit for what she did around the house and was treated with at least a little respect.

Moira frowned as she considered what she had to do for the day.  Her dad was already at work and her mom would be heading off for her own job after lunch.  There were several days a week where she only went in for half a day.  Moira would be left to clean the house and then be told later that she'd done a poor job.

While Moira sat there eating, she was surprised to realize that she felt a strange pressure building inside of her.  She couldn't explain what it was but she could feel it slowly getting stronger.

"You can clean the kitchen," her mom said as she left the kitchen.  "And this time try to do it a little faster."

Once her mom was gone, Moira suddenly felt the pressure inside of her release in a strange wave.  She felt a tingle rush through her body and gasped as she began to change.

Moira felt her breasts grow larger and then they stopped after a moment.  She looked down at herself and saw that she now had C cup breasts and more curves than she'd ever had before.  Her clothes had changed as well and fit her new measurements perfectly.

"I remember buying this shirt," Moira said in surprise when she knew quite well she'd never had this shirt before now.  "I remember already having these…"  She cupped her newly enlarged breasts in amazement, remembering the day she'd bought her first C cup bra.

Then Moira turned and looked around the dirty kitchen, realizing that some other things had changed her as well.  Her mom had made pancakes from a boxed mix yet now she remembered things had occurred differently.  She remembered that she'd made homemade pancakes herself, ones that were absolutely delicious, far better than the ones her mom had made.

"Things are changing," Moira whispered in realization.

Moira looked down at herself again, already liking these improvements.  And was also somehow certain that she was a much better cook than her mom, something that was supported by these strange new memories.

It didn't take Moira long to clean the kitchen though she considered it unfair that in this new reality, she'd done the cooking and was still doing the cleaning.  Of course, her new memories told her that she did all the cooking now as well as the cleaning.

"Great," Moira muttered. "I start getting my wish and it means I get more chores."

Once Moira was finished cleaning the kitchen, she went into the living room where she found her mom sitting back and working on her sudoku book.  Moira was a little startled to realize that she could feel that pressure building again once she was near her mom.

"It took you long enough," her mom said, looking up and then pausing, staring at Moira with an expression of surprise.  "What happened to you?"

Moira decided to play ignorant and asked, "What do you mean?"

Her mom stared at her for a moment before shaking her head, "I don't know…  Of course you're the same…  I don't know what I was thinking."

Moira found this interesting and realized that her mom must have the new memories the same way she did.  She imagined her mom must be a bit confused since she didn't know what was really going on and must assume the new ones were the real memories.

A moment later, Moira left the room and when she did, she felt the pressure release again.  She felt another wave of changes wash through her but they were much smaller than the last time.

"I feel the pressure when I'm near mom," Moira mused. "Then I change when I get away from her…"

Moira wasn't certain but she thought she understood a little about what was going on.  Since everything she'd asked that strange creature had involved her parents, it seemed that she had to be near them to activate the changes she'd been promised.  However, since the changes only occurred after she got away from her mom, she thought that maybe it was more like building up when near her but they couldn't actually activate until they stopped building.

"It looks like I'm going to have to stay closer to mom," Moira thought aloud, returning to the living room.

Moira sat down on the couch near her mom and when her mom put down her sudoku book, Moira picked it up.  She flipped the page to a fresh puzzle and then quickly began filling it out.  She finished it in no time at all and then went to the next and then the next one after that.

"But I'm lousy at sudoku," Moira reminded herself, feeling slightly surprised. Then she smiled and chuckled. "But not anymore."   She glanced over at her mom and decided that she could really get used to this.

"I need to run some errands before I drop Adam off at daycare and go to work," her mom said after a few more minutes.  "I'll need you to come with to carry some things home."

"Okay," Moira agreed, happy for the chance to stay near her mom if it meant more of these changes.

Moira stayed close to her mom until they were ready to leave the house, feeling the pressure building inside her.  It was becoming very uncomfortable, almost even painful.

"I have to go to the bathroom before we go," Moira told her mom, rushing into the bathroom and closing the door.

She felt the pressure release itself in a wave of changes through her body and being.  The changes were even stronger than they were the first time and the release even more of a relief.

A moment later, Moira looked down at herself and had to mentally compare what she saw with what she remembered from before.  She was taller, now 5 foot 7, having grown four inches.  That meant she was almost the same height as her mom.  Her breasts had grown as well and were now DD cup, even bigger than her mom.

"Oh yeah," Moira smiled in delight, loving the idea of being bigger than her mom.

Moira looked in the mirror again and saw that her hair had grown at least six inches longer as well and her whole body had improved.  She was no longer the plain looking girl she had been but was now actually beautiful.  In fact, she thought she was better looking than her mom.

Then Moira ran through the new memories that had come along with her new body and realized that she'd gained more than just these curves.  She was now sixteen years old and had a driver's license.  In fact, she was even a better driver than her mom and could parallel park without a problem, something her mom had never been able to manage.  There were other things as well, things which made her eager for more.

Moira went and joined her mom and Adam in the car as they drove to the daycare to drop Adam off.  Her mom had given her another odd look and then shook her head, obviously having a hard time with her own mixed memories.  Moira enjoyed watching her mom's reaction and pretended that nothing had changed.

She noticed at the same time that Adam didn't seem surprised at all, as though he didn't have any expectation for her to look different than she did now.  She thought that maybe her mom remembered as much as she did because she was part of Moira's request to that strange being.

After Adam was dropped off at the daycare, they continued on to the errands.  Her mom picked some clothes up from the dry cleaner and then stopped at the shoe store to pick up some new shoes.  The entire time, Moira felt the pressure continuing to build.

Moira sat in the shoe store, looking at a pair of high heels and thinking that they'd look awesome on her now that she had the body for such things.  She looked at her mom and considered the pressure inside of her, curious as to what would improve next.  After wondering this for a minute, Moira found an excuse to step away from her mom.

Once Moira was out of range, she felt the pressure release in another wave of changes.  She closed her eyes and savored them, knowing that only good things would result.

"Oh yes," Moira exclaimed once she opened her eyes and looked herself over. "Very nice…  That stranger certainly does work wonders."

This time, Moira had grown another two inches and was now 5 foot 9, an inch taller than her mom.  She couldn't resist feeling smug at that or the fact that her body had improved a little more.  However, the largest change was that she'd aged.  Moira pulled her driver's license out of her purse and saw that it confirmed she was now twenty-one.

"I can't wait to see the look on Erica's face," Moira mused, pausing a moment later to realize that she'd called her 'Erica' rather than 'mom'.  Of course, that made sense now that Erica was her older sister, not her mom.  "She's my sister…  I wasn't expecting that."

Moira was a little curious about how her reality was being reconfigured but she wasn't worried.  After all, if she wanted her parents to respect her, it made sense that she'd be older…someone they could see as an equal.

A minute later, Moira went back to check on Erica who was still deciding on her shoes.  She gave a quick glance at the stilettos she'd been looking at earlier and realized that she already had a pair just like those in her apartment.  The ones she was now wearing were even nicer.

"This is getting better and better," Moira thought to herself.

Erica gave her another look of surprise and then quickly adjusted.  She seemed to be adjusting to the new memories more easily each time, something that Moira found interesting.  Still, she noticed that Erica did give her a second look and one that was filled with envy.  Moira smiled at that.

"Well sis," Moira told Erica.  "We should probably finish up so you can get to work on time."

"Of course, you're right," Erica told her, giving her another look of envy.

When they arrived at Erica's work a short time later, Moira suggested, "Do you need me to come pick you up afterwards or are you going to catch a ride with James?"

Moira watched her former mom for a moment, thinking that it was convenient that her former parents both worked in the same company.  Erica worked in admin and James, her onetime father and now brother-in-law worked in the accounting department.

Erica hesitated and Moira could imagine the wheels turning in her head.  If things hadn't changed, Moira knew that she would have been told to just ride the bus home while bringing Erica's things with her.  However, the fact that she was older and now had a driver's license made that less likely.

Then Moira suddenly had another idea, "Why don't I come in with you for a bit.  You can show me around?"  

Considering the circumstances, Moira wanted to stay near her new sister as much as possible.  Besides she felt that she needed to be here for some other reason too.

They went inside and Moira was to a few of Erica's coworkers.  While she was getting a brief tour, she could feel the pressure building more strongly.  She could tell that it was building to something big.

"I need to use the rest room," Moira told Erica, excusing herself as she left her sister's presence once more.

As soon as Moira was alone, she felt the release of pressure yet again, moaning slightly as it rushed through her.  This time the changes were definitely noticeable.  She'd grown one inch taller, her breasts had grown another cup larger, and her hair had all turned into a long and flowing strawberry blonde mane. She was also older again, now twenty-eight years old.

"Fantastic," Moira mused as she closed her eyes and tried making sense of the new memories and her new life.  "I have a college education."  She smiled, remembering that Erica had been jealous of her for getting grades so easily when she'd had to work hard for lesser ones.

Then Moira looked down at herself and the new professional clothes which she was wearing.  She looked at her perfectly manicured nails and blew on them smugly before leaving the bathroom.

Once Moira was back in the main office, things were a little different than before. She knew each of the people working there and exactly what it was that they did.  After all, she was the manager of this section now.

"Erica," Moira said to her former mom. "I know I'm your sister but I'm still your manager.  I need you to get that report done by the end of the day and I can't accept any excuses."

"Of course," Erica responded with a forced smile.

Moira watched with an amused smile as Erica ran off to finish that work before the deadline.  The fifteen year old that was still inside was laughing at this turnabout, at being able to boss her mom around and give her orders for a change.

"Oh, I definitely like this," Moira mused, turning to go into her office.  After all, she had responsibilities of her own now.

Moira remained in her office where she worked for the next hour, noticing during that time that some things were still changing even though she wasn't in the immediate presence of Erica.  The changes were small though and barely noticeable, but she did notice when the polish on her manicure when from clear coat to a dark red.

Then Moira began to feel a sense that she needed to somewhere else, that there was something she had to do.  She left her office and went to see how Erica was doing on the report, savoring the slight feeling of pressure that began to build the moment she was within her presence again.

"How is that report coming?" Moira asked Erica, enjoying the guilty look on Erica's face.

"I'm still working on it," Erica told her with a forced smile. "I should have it done by the end of the day."

"Make sure you do," Moira reminded her before she left, feeling the pressure release though she couldn't tell what had changed this time.

Moira still felt as though there was somewhere else she had to be and then she realized it.  So far she'd only been near Erica but when she'd made her request to the strange being, she'd also been very clear about her intentions towards James, her former dad.

"I'd better go see James," Moira mused, knowing that this was what she needed to do.

It only took Moira a couple minutes to reach the finance department where all the accountants labored on the financial records.  Moira went right to James' office and smiled when she saw the door open.  Her smile deepened when she felt the pressure beginning to build.

"Hello James," Moira greeted her new brother-in-law, finding their new relationship amusing considering what it had been before.

"Moira," he responded as he saw her, giving her a momentary look of surprise and confusion before he shook his head.  He still seemed just a little uncertain of what reality he was in but after watching Erica go through this several times she was confident it would quickly pass.  "What are you doing over here?"

"Oh, I thought I'd come slumming," she told him.

"Then I suppose you came to the right place," he responded with a wry smile.

"Actually," Moira said, "I had some questions about the budget for my department.  I can't find some of our paperwork…"

"I don't really have time for that," James started, then stared at her with the expression that suggested he was remembering that she was his sister-in-law as well as his wife's manager.  "Sure, I can help…"

Moira stayed close to James as he searched through the computer records and then went and checked some file cabinets.  She could feel the pressure building a little more quickly than it had with Erica but Moira thought it must be because she'd already spent so much time with her.  The being had told her it would take a full day for reality to reconfigure so the process must be trying to catch up on the parts dealing with her former father.

Even though Moira delayed James and found other excuses to spend more time with him, eventually he'd gotten her everything she'd asked for and she couldn't think of another reason to stay close.  She reluctantly had to leave him.

As soon as Moira was by herself, she felt the pressure release in a massive wave of transformation.  She gasped in surprise as she felt herself growing in nearly every direction. Her clothes would have burst from the stress if they hadn't been growing and changing along with her.

"I'm getting bigger," Moira exclaimed in amazement. "I'm taller…"

When the changes had stopped, Moira looked herself over, delighted to realize that she was now 6 foot 4, two full inches taller than James.  She quickly took off the professional jacket she was now wearing and flexed her muscles, impressed by how much they'd grown. She was not only taller than James but more muscular too.

"I'm built like a fitness model," Moira said, amazed and delighted by this.  And according to her new memories, she worked out at the gym quite often.  In fact, that was how she dealt with stress from work and relaxed.

Moira smiled as she put her jacket back on, remembering that she'd had to have it custom made to fit her.  They didn't make clothes like this for a woman of her size and measurements off the rack.

Then Moira noticed that even thought the pressure had fully released and manifested in the changes, she could still feel the changes still occurring.  It was the same thing she'd noticed in her office but just a little stronger.  She couldn't make out what was changing now but she could still feel it happening.
"It's speeding up," Moira said in thoughtfully.
She considered this for a moment and began to have an idea as to why.  It was sort of like a car engine in that you couldn't assemble it all at once and that you couldn't put certain parts in until other pieces had been put together first.  It appeared that her new reality had to be assembled in order and that some things couldn't be done until other things had been changed first.  And now that she'd been in contact with James, she'd met some more prerequisites and the process could proceed at a faster pace.
Then Moira suddenly burst out laughing a she suddenly realized that she'd been considering this in the form of an automotive analogy.  She'd never known anything about cars other than that you needed to put gas in them for them to go, nor had she ever had any interest in learning more.  But now, now that had definitely changed.  James liked working on his own car so now Moira was better at that than he was.  She was now more knowledgeable and skilled as a mechanic than he'd ever been.
"And all without lifting a wrench," she mused, feeling rather smug and thinking that she'd have to find an opportunity to show that skill off for James.
Of course, Moira was well aware that there were a great many things she would have to show off to James.  She looked down at herself and smirked, deciding that there was no time like the present for him to get a look at her new size.  She immediately turned around and went back the way she'd come.
Moira felt the pressure starting to build before she ever saw James.  She could see him in his office but she stood back, taking several deep breaths and just savoring the growing pressure, knowing that it held so much more for her.  She remained where she was for several minutes before finally going back to his office.
"Oh James," Moira said to get his attention again.  "I forgot something."
James looked at her and his eyes widened in surprise at her new size though that was replaced with a look of confusion.  He stood up, probably to make sure he wasn't imagining things and saw that she was indeed taller.  She was not only two inches taller than him now but the fact that she was wearing high heels added several more inches to the difference.  James looked a little uncomfortable which pleased Moira.
Moira might have feel a little sympathetic for her former father if she hadn't remembered the way he'd always use his larger size to intimidate her and reminder her who was in charge.  She remembered last night, when he'd done that while reminding her that she had to do what he said when he told her she wasn't going to the party but was going to stay home and watch Adam instead.  That memory just made Moira feel even more smug about this sudden turnabout.
"What is it?" James asked, giving her a slightly wary look.  Her new size was definitely changing how he viewed her, no longer as someone smaller and weaker than him though the difference wasn't quite pronounced enough to truly intimidate him.
"It's Erica," Moira told him.  "Her birthday is coming up soon and I was thinking that you should start considering what you want to get her."
"That's nearly a month away," James responded in surprise.
"True," Moira agreed. "But it comes faster than you expect and if you know what you're looking for in advance you're more likely to find it on sale."  Then she smiled pleasantly and added, "Of course, I have some ideas..."
Moira managed to keep James occupied for over twenty minutes, getting him to even look at a few of her suggestions online.  However, their time together was interrupted by a phone call so she left, satisfied that she'd managed to get a little more from this encounter.  As she walked away, she could feel the release of the pressure and even more changes occurring in her body and reality.
At this point, Moira didn't go back to her own office.  Instead, she felt a need to be somewhere else, the same way she'd felt certain she had to come into the office with Erica and that she had to go see James.  Moira didn't question this and just followed this urge to the elevator, fully aware that the changes were still continuing.
By the time Moira reached the top floor, she was also aware of the fact that the changes were occurring at an even faster rate.  She could feel new memories and knowledge slipping into her mind though she didn't stop to examine what they were.  She realized that the reality reconfiguration had progressed to such a point that it no longer required Erica or James as triggers.  Moira assumed that meant the process was entering its final phase.
Moira calmly walked past a secretary who was busy at work at her desk and casually pushed open a pair of wooden doors and walked through, confident in her right to be there.  On the other side of the doors was a very large and spacious office with windows lining two walls.  Right in the middle of the room was a large oak desk.

Moira immediately knew that this was the largest and best office in the entire the entire company.  And it was hers.  Of course, that made perfect sense because she was also the owner of the company.
Moira's mind was filled with the increasing details and memories of her new life.  She'd graduated from high school at fifteen and had a masters degree at twenty.  She made her first million within a year of that and had only become more successful since.
"Of course," Moira exclaimed in realization.
She'd told that strange being that she wanted to be able to tell Erica and James what to do...that she had authority over them.  When she'd come into the office, that request was granted by her becoming Erica's manager.  But since James was in a completely different department, the only way she could have authority over him at the same time was for her to be in an even higher position.
"I wonder what would have happened if they'd worked at different companies," Moira mused.
Even as Moira walked across the office...across her office, she was aware that the changes were still occurring around her though only when she wasn't directly watching.  She couldn't catch anything actually changing but she could see flickers from the corner of her eye when she wasn't looking.  She looked at an expensive painting on her wall and turned away but when she looked back a moment later there was a book shelf in its place loaded with books such as War and Peace and Analyzing Advanced Market Patterns.  The changes also seemed to be slowing down and coming to a conclusion.
Moira sat down at her very expensive desk and smiled, feeling quite impressed by how her new reality was being reconfigured.  It went far beyond anything that she'd imagined when she'd told that being what she wanted.  Of course, at that time she hadn't considered how she would get those things but now she realized that this made perfect sense.  The only way to gain their respect would be to become a peer rather than their child and the only way to gain authority over them would be to become their boss.
A deep smile of satisfaction formed on Moira's now luscious lips as she considered everything she'd become.  She was now much sexier than Erica could ever hope to be with firm breasts that were nearly the size of beach balls.  At the same time, she had grown to a height of 6 foot 7, not including the 6 inch tall custom made heels that she now wore.  Her muscles had grown as well and were now definitely larger than James', yet at the same time, her curves softened them a great deal so she came off more sleek and feminine than like some male bodybuilder.

Of course, the dramatically improved body, new position as their boss, and the fact that she was now quite wealthy were merely the more obvious changes.  Moira was now smarter and better educated than either of them.  Where James was an accounting whiz, she was a financial genius.  In fact, anything that either of them could do, she could do better.

"Anything you can do I can do better," Moira sang the line from an old song that she'd never even heard of before these changes but which now came to mind with ease. "I can do anything better than you."

Moira cupped her now massive chest and smiled, wondering what her friends would say when they saw her.  However, she quickly remembered that they were no longer her friends.  In fact, in this new reality she'd never even met any of them.  When reality had been reconfigured, she'd not only last her old parents but had also lost her friends and former brother. It seemed that was the price she paid for everything she'd gained.

Of course, Moira realized that she'd gained some new friends in this change was well.  She smiled faintly as she remembered spending a week sunbathing nude on a Bahamas beach with a couple of famous starlet friends.  And then there was the well known director who had practically begged her to play an amazon queen in his next big movie.  She was still considering that one though not very seriously.

Then Moira considered her love life…or sex life as there was more passionate sex than real romance, though she wasn't too lacking in that department either.  She had a pool boy at home who'd been chosen more for how he filled out a speedo than anything else, one of her employees down the hall who occasionally got lucky with her at work, and a few other less regular lovers, not to mention her occasional boyfriend.

"Memories are one thing," Moira mused, "but I'm definitely going to have to try some of that for real."  After all, she was far better in bed than Erica or James could hope to be and those were skills she was eager to explore.

Moira shook her head, having gotten distracted by all her new memories.  The truth was, she was now in a position with a lot of responsibility and she had a lot of work to do. She couldn't afford to get too distracted just yet.

It was at this point that Moira felt the changes all abruptly cease and reality itself somehow snapped into place more firmly.  She realized that this was it, that the process had run its course and reality had finally finished being reconfigured.  This was her reality now and would be for the rest of her life.

"Absolutely perfect," Moira said, looking down at her body and savoring the thought of everything she'd gained.  That strange being had given her everything she'd wanted and then some.  She was now superior to her former parents in nearly every way.  "I am going to enjoy this immensely."

A moment later, Moira pushed the intercom button on her desk which connected her to her secretary outside.  "Samantha," Moira said.  "Please have two employees sent up to my office as soon as possible..."

A short time later, Samantha announced that Moira's visitors had arrived so Moira told her to let them in.  The doors opened and Erica and James stepped inside, both looking nervous and intimidated.

"I'm glad you could make it," Moira said in a calm voice, standing up so they could get the full impact of her new body.  Both of them gulped as they stared up with looks of awe on their faces.  "Sit down," she told them, gesturing to the chairs in front of her desk before she sat down again.

"I'll never get used to how big you are," Erica said with a weak smile, giving Moira a look that contained a great deal of envy.

Moira just smiled at that and asked, "How has your work been going?"

Erica and James shared a nervous look, obviously seeing the trap of having the owner of the company asking them that.  The fact that she was Erica's sister only make the situation more awkward, a fact that Moira was well aware of and enjoying.

"Fine," James responded cautiously.

"I've been working on a report that should be done by the end of the day," Erica responded with a nervous smile.

"Very good," Moira told them.  "And how is Adam doing?"

"He's doing good," Erica answered.

"Very good," Moira said. "I do worry about my nephew."

Erica nodded and then meekly asked, "Why did you call us up here?"

For a very brief moment, Moira was tempted to tell them, "Because you're fired."  However, that might be satisfying for a short time but not nearly as enjoyable as having them continue working for her.  After all, what was the point of having made that request and gaining all of this if she didn't use it to really show off?

"You're coming to my mansion tonight for dinner," Moira told them with a pleasant smile.  "My chef makes a wonderful meal. I hired her away from one of the finest restaurants."

"I'm afraid we had other plans," James started.

"Not anymore," Moira told him sweetly.  James was about to say something more but she said, "Now you have new plans."  When he again tried to get in another word, she gave him a steady look and added, "No questions."

"Yes ma'am," he responded meekly.

"Then I will see you tonight," Moira told them, letting them know they were dismissed.  "Precisely at six."

"Yes ma'am," James repeated.

Moira watched her former parents leave her office, smiling with deep satisfaction as she did so.  This was indeed everything she'd imagined it would be and best of all, she could continue this for as long as she wanted. After all, this was her life and reality now.

Then Moira reached over and hit a button on the intercom, one that let her listen in on everything going on in the room outside her office.  She remembered that this had proven very useful in the past for learning what people really thought before they came in to see her…or after they left.

"That was…intimidating," James told Erica.  "Your sister always makes me feel so…insignificant."

"I know what you mean," Erica responded. "She's always so good at absolutely everything."

Then James told her, "You know something really weird?  I actually had a dream last night where she was our daughter.  Can you imagine that?"

"My God," Erica exclaimed in surprise.  "So did I…"

Moira turned off the intercom and leaned back with a very satisfied smile.  A part of them still remembered the way things used to be and realized how they'd changed.  That just made this all the more enjoyable.

"Oh yes," Moira mused to herself in delight.  "I love this reality."

The End
A teenage girl is given the opportunity to improve her reality.
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MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I really like the way this story flows. You do things much more gradually then I do, which is awesome. I love the way you describe the pressure building inside of ehr and the release.
But, more importantly I like the way you make characters like this better in EVERY regard. This is not a story about a girl getting boobs and becoming taller, this is a story about someone becoming better.
Mrpheus Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hadn't gotten many comments at all on that one so I wasn't sure how it was going over.
MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You just need to whore it out more to groups ;) That's what I do.

I spent all night thinking about what would happen if this story continued. If she used her position and got Jame to work directly for Vladimir Putin and Erica to work for Obama.

'course, in my imagined continuation it got horribly unrealistic. She more or less made them her lab rats and made a machine to download information into their brain. So, she would give them fitness information at night. Have breakfast with them eating whatever she wanted. When James left for the day to do an exercise routine she laid out, reality would change and now that routine would be twice as effective because she, a fitness expert her whole life in this reality, would have designed it for James. Since in this new reality they did that better routine all day everyday since forever James would come back even stronger than she is. They would have dinner together and than they would leave for the night and she would reap the benefits.

That night she would get new information into their brains about something else, like sex or science or whatever......

'Course, I always take things too far...
Mrpheus Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
That would be an interesting direction to continue but I preferred her changes to be stable at the end rather than an ongoing and continuous process. You do tend to take things a bit further than I usually prefer with my own stories but yours are definitely fun to read.
MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I can definitely understand that. You don't want to write yourself into a corner and you do want to leave the audience wanting more not less.
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